Howdy, eh?

I’m back from a trip out to Hero Arts!

Walking through the Austin airport I saw a billboard advertising flights to Canada — the big line was “Howdy, eh?” — and I had to laugh, because I’ve been known to say that a time or two myself.

Thought I’d share a few pictures — wish I’d have taken more, but it was busy busy. These were all taken with my cell phone.

First up, some pictures from when I went for a run/walk Monday morning around 6:30 am — this Texas gal was in for a shock as it was in the low 50’s…brr!

San Francisco Bay

California poppies

Habitat in the middle of the city

Back at the hotel, sipping on a Peet’s coffee — mmmm

Dinner at Cafe Gratitude — YUM! What are you grateful for?

Obligatory dirty Fiesta plate picture for my friend Scott (Hi Scott!)

Sunset from the hotel on the last night there — funky, eh?

The Grand Canyon on the way home

What a fun trip. It was so good seeing everyone!  Wish I could share more with you, but it’s top secret for now…

2 Replies to “Howdy, eh?”

  1. You coulda taken a picture of a CLEAN plate.

  2. What I would pay to be a fly on a wall at your top secret Hero Arts meeting….hmmm.

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