Hero Arts 2009 Catalog sneak peek…

Have you seen this ad in the December issue of Creating Keepsakes yet?  It’s on the first page, and it has THREE sneak peeks of 2009 images…can you guess what they are?  The first two are super easy, but the third might take a keen eye.  Leave a comment to let me know!  (Click the image to see it larger…)

It’s killing me not being able to talk about the catalog.  Can’t wait to share.  I get to do a sneak peek during my blog week (the week of December 1st) — woo hoo!  Oh and!  For my blog video I’ll share how to do the card shown in the ad!

[Update on December 3 — the video is up here! I think Kelly R had it closest…!]

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  1. Hi Lisa…So Excited to see the new images!!!
    Is the one a wood design block by chance???
    Can’t Wait Can’t Wait……

  2. OH I LOVE sneak peaks!!
    Awesome saying on the cover… Wonderful!!!!

    OK.. The three stamps I see are:
    Tree with leaves
    Little flowers (but I see 2!!!)
    Backgrounder – has a watercolor edge and flourish pattern

    I see four stamps!
    This is fun!

    I’m looking forward to December 1st! ONLY 10 MORE DAYS!

  3. I love the background flourish and the tree with the flowers is adorable. Loving these and we have been touring other sites with new sneak peeks. Everything is looking wonderful. Can’t wait.

    I am going to CHA so I am very excited to be able to see it up close and in person!

  4. Hi Lisa! Thanks so much for sharing! I’m guessing one is a large background stamp, then the tree, and a bunch of mini flowers.
    Ooooooh, can’t wait!! Looking forward to your blog day….

  5. Hi, Lisa – Thanks for the sneak peak. I couldn’t really tell what stamps they are. It must be a background stamp with some swirls/waves and a tree stamp on top. Looking forward to the debut…..

  6. I absolutely love sneak peaks… except for presents for me… I want the surprise – don’t spoil it for me, but this, I want the thumb the the catalog now! :) No guesses, but I’m sure others will.

  7. Love the sneak peak! I think the three images are: the scrumbly background, the swirly background, and the tree with flowers.

    Counting the days….

  8. Oh, I’m so excited to get my hands on the new catalog. My guesses for three stamps are the tree, the swirly flourish and maybe a wood grain design block? Can’t wait!

  9. Awesome, elegant card!

  10. Hi Lisa can’t wait for the 2009 catalogue, I think you have a new tree stamp, a shadow flourish stamp and the wood background stamp (I hope there is a wood background one that would be awsome!).

  11. […] For the full card, check out the Hero Blog.  It’s the card that was in the Creating Keepsakes ad — more about that in this post! […]

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