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Today was a very weird day!  When I went to lunch with my friend Janani (hi Janani!) it was 72…now it’s 33…!  There’s a 20% chance of snow tonight — woo hoo, we haven’t had snow in ages and ages!  Fingers crossed…

Anyhow, the light wasn’t that great for taking photos, but here goes!

Love this bird +  celadon ink

Here’s a closeup so that maybe you can see the texture a little better

I think it really does look like letterpress…

Here’s another take on the poinsettia from yesterday, but this time with fresh green ink instead of lime

And here’s a sweet snowman + laurel leaf ink — can’t decide if I like it better or the celadon better with those envelopes — what do you think?

Will let you know if there’s snow in the morning — and if the light is good I’ll take some last letterpress-like card pics.  ‘night!

Supplies: Supplies:  Paper Source Luxe white paper, pigment inks, and stamps. (bird by picture show, dotted starry border by A Muse, solid stripe by Hero Arts, be joyful, snowman and poinsettia by Savvy Stamps)

6 Replies to “More letterpress”

  1. I really like this style! Less is more. It shows the beauty of the paper, images, colors.

  2. It was 52 here this morning and it is going down to 23 tonight with rain-snow mix. Love the cards. MOM

  3. I love the forward, simple, yet elegant style of these cards! Simplicity can highlight the essence of a design.

  4. Hi Lisa…Love the cards….I think I like the laurel leaf better???
    Big decision…they both look great!

  5. I vote for the Laurel Leaf!

    Love those little images, btw – really clean and sweet and simple!

  6. Well, did you get snow?

    Could you explain a little more about these cards you’re making right now. That name doesn’t mean anything to me… it a different kind of stamping, or just using minimum images? Thanks!

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