Moroccan Chickpea Soup = yum.

I’ve been wanting to try and make Moroccan Chickpea Soup from this cookbook for ages — finally had time today! After I cut up the veggies I thought they looked pretty so I grabbed the camera that was conveniently on the counter from last night and took a pic. And after that, well, I just had to take pictures to the finish!


1. Moroccan Chickpea Soup — the start, 2. Lemon Water in my new Shinzi Katoh carafe, 3. Toasted Pita Triangles, 4. Pita bread, 5. The Table, 6. The Soup — the end.

The carafe is from here — this is the first time I’ve used it — love it!

J inhaled two bowls of the soup, lickety split — gonna have to make it again soon!

This is really the last post for a bit — well, except for maybe the Christmas pictures — but I’ll still be Twittering. Have a great weekend!

5 Replies to “Moroccan Chickpea Soup = yum.”

  1. You are making me hungry! Looks great!

  2. Looks Pretty yummy!!

  3. Oh..could you share the recipe?!? That looks so yummy delicious! i would love to try that. It makes me hungry just looking at it. ;)

    1. Hi Jules! I wouldn’t feel right posting the recipe here because of copyright issues, sorry. :( But, I bet you can find the book at the library! It’s so worth it to find — it has simply gorgeous photos! :)

  4. …where was the phone call telling me about the leftovers?!?

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