7 Replies to “Chocolate Woodgrain…!”

  1. I Like it Lisa….Whats not to like about Woodgrain and chocolate?? Yum…..

  2. Your blog banner looks good enough to eat Lisa ;)

  3. oh the wood grain is your signature. ;)
    And chocolate. that reminds me of when we would use real chocolate, smear it on some wax paper-then run a fork through it-to make it look like the wood grain. (or a log) Neat!

  4. Don’t like. It’s too depressing. I would have chosen more colorful colors that are so characteristic of scrapbooking.

  5. I think it looks awesome. You should add a squirrel :):)

  6. i think it’s cute and understated without too much!

  7. I like it!  I must admit I like the variety of banners, and I also look forward to a bright and cheerful springtime banner.

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