Just a test :)

This is just a test to see if I can write a post from my phone — wanna get it working so I can send live updates while at at the big trade show :)

It worked!!!! Yay!!!

Not the best quality pics, but hey, it’s from the phone! :)  You can click on a picture to make it larger.

Now to see if I can add another pic…

That worked too — woo hoo!!!  Those two were both from the trip to Japan — mmmmmm, The Boss rocks, wish I had one now…

Picture from Friday when we saw Richard Garriott, too cool!  Testing to see how dark pictures would look…

YAY, so glad it works!  I think I’ll start my live updates on Friday when I fly out to California — it’ll be like y’all are coming with me!  :)

3 Replies to “Just a test :)”

  1. Looks good, my phone takes relly bad pics.  Looking forward to the live posts from CHA. 

  2. You go, girl!!!

    I am in awe.  Today I started trying to make a video for my blog. This is a nightmare for me! So I doff my cap at your technical proficiency!!!

  3. Boo hoo, wish CHA was open to the general public too…would love to check it out…you guys will only be like 5 minutes away from me…look forward to seeing the live updates…have fun!!

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