Done for the day!

Class was so fun — it was sold out, so great to see everyone!  I didn’t get a picture of Sally and I — doh! — hope to do that tomorrow…anyhow, here’s the class!

Nighty night :)

PS.  Special thanks to Laura Griffin, one of the super talented Hero Web Artists.  She is at the show, and she stopped by and helped us setup the class — how sweet is that?  Thanks again Laura!  And thanks for the “CHA Survival Kit” — I have a feeling those band-aids will come in handy!  And the chocolate — yum!

3 Replies to “Done for the day!”

  1. Wow! big group!  And im sure there are more of u ladies!
    So? how do you like Orange County so far? Isnt it cool that Disneyland is just across the street.  You have to go to Downtown Disney shop there. It’s so much fun!

  2. You must be exhausted! Bet you’re having fun though!

  3. Oh look at those smiling happy faces!!!
    Disneyland?  Did someone say Disneyland is across the street????
    I think all the HA gals need a ‘personal assistant’ next time!  I run errands!  I do coffee runs!  I even have skills! 

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