What a day + another sneak peek!

Wow, the booth was really hopping all day today!  Paris Hilton was in the same aisle as us launching her new line, but I was so busy that I didn’t get to see her — oh darn!  Sally said she was too short too see her over all the paparazzi, ha ha!

Now, how about another little sneak peek?


More here on the Hero Arts Blog!

After the show we all went to out to eat at PF Chang’s — mmmm, lettuce wraps!

Can’t keep my eyes open anymore, so nighty night.  See you tomorrow…

8 Replies to “What a day + another sneak peek!”

  1. I see new owls!  I love the owls!

  2. Hoo boys. Paris Hilton. That is one girl who has had her unwarranted, unfair share of attention. Those stamp packs of yours look super cute!

  3. Paris at CHA? WOW. Was it just a 5 min. show-up? :P

    PF Chang… I have this recipe to make the lettuce wrap. Very very close to the real deal, yummy!

  4. I never thought I’d hear Paris Hilton and scrapbooking in the same sentence.  Interesting! ;) Thanks so much for all the peeks and updates, girl!!

  5. Ha…Paris Scrapbooks?? LOL! She might get ink on herself!!!  Oh No…..
    Love the sneek peeks and the daily info. Thanks Lisa!

  6. Paris Hilton and scrapbooking? Interesting! Thank you so much for all the updates! I’m going to have to get the new owl stamps. :)
    Have a awesome day!

  7. oh…these look adorable. I can’t wait!

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