Ranger Designer Challenge!

I can finally share the project I did for the Ranger Designer Challenge — yay!

The challenge was to create a house using Claudine Hellmuth’s line of sticky-back canvas, acrylic paints, gel medium, and brushes.  We were provided with a paper mache rectangle to use as the foundation, plus two pieces of chipboard.  Everything had to be covered with the sticky-back canvas.  Our houses had a height limit of 18″ — mine is exactly 18″ — whew!

I decided to make a pagoda and use some of my favorite Hero Arts Asian stamps, plus the woodgrain!  (You know how I love woodgrain, ha!)

Here’s the pagoda hanging at the Ranger Booth — it’s easy to spot with the blue roofs


And here are some pictures that I took at home before I sent it in — never mailed a pagoda before, ha ha!







Gotta go and setup the computers at the booth — but first, where’s the coffee?

26 Replies to “Ranger Designer Challenge!”

  1. WOW! Lisa! This is exquisite! Is every image stamped on canvas? I would love to see a video on how you did the roof and the green base of the pagoda. Maybe another sticky back canvas demo on your blog week? ***hint, hint***

  2. Oh my, Lisa, this is exquisite! Love all the details! I would love to see how did you do the roof and the green base of the pagoda. Maybe another video demo about sticky back canvas on your blog week. **hint, hint**

  3. this is a masterpiece

  4. Hi Teresa!  Yep, every image is stamped on canvas!  Good idea on the video!

  5. I saw the real thing at the show and it was really lovely!

  6. Hi Lisa, Oh my this pagoda is  splendid! Being an Asian, I am so proud about our arts and cultures. You captured them on this masterpiece! Cheers!

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