Feeling like spring…


I’m almost all caught up after the trip to Ohio last week, yay!  Isn’t it funny how when you go on vacation you end up working over to make up for it?  Ha!

Anyhow, this week on the Hero Club Blog we’re all doing our favorite stamps — I had a terrible time picking mine because I love them ALL!  Finally settled on using houndstooth, woodgrain, and the Japanese doll set that I helped design.  The colors are inspired by thoughts of spring.  More here!

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  1. Oh Lisa you do those so well…I’m on the other hand having a hard time with them….
    Guess I need to play with them more!  I do Love them and have way too many favorites…but I think my very Favorite is the Houndstooth Background!!

  2. love this so much…totally adorable!
    you rock these and all stamps :)

  3. Hi, Lisa! I’m having a lot of fun following the cards everyone is making this week for Favorites Week. What I’m finding is that I also really like many of the stamps being picked by others, and have that stamp in my collection. I think I like them all, too! How do we pick???

  4. I love this card!  The Four Dolls are definitely one of my favorites too- they are currently my ‘go-to’ stamps! :)  I just might have to add that floral woodgrain to my collection now too!

  5. Love love love this!!!! I just adore those dolls!

  6. Hey Lisa, it was so nice meeting you at the Hero booth! I love this card and all the stamps you used. I need that houndstooth stamp and flower woodgrain stamp.

  7. Love your picks! That card is adorable and I love the mix of orange, pink and green!

  8. Arigato gozimassssssssssssuuu!!

  9. What an adorable card, you did a great job! :D

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