A joke on a friend…

For today’s video on the Hero Arts blog, I wanted to show my colored pencil technique — I just use colored pencils — no gamsol or anything like that — gamsol is odorless mineral spirits, and I read bad things about it — seems like nasty stuff both for humans + the environment.

I needed a thank you card for a friend who made me the most awesome fabric apron, so I decided to combine the two and make this trifold card!




And here’s the video:

To see more pictures and get in on the little joke, click on over here to the Hero Arts Blog!

Oh and! If you’ve never been to Pinkberry, you’re really missing out!  YUM!  When we were there I had a green tea frozen yogurt — reminded me of when I was in Japan!


(Image from Pinkberry)

Mmmmmmm, I bet that chocolate one is good! Speaking of chocolate, I updated my poll over there in the blog sidebar to be about — well –chocolate! Vote for your fave!

15 Replies to “A joke on a friend…”

  1. Loved seeing your card…it is so dang cute!
    The screen shadow is the best stamp..other than the houndstooth!
    Dang…wish I would have known Sally hated the Raccoon!!!  I Love him…..

  2. i  love this card. it is adorable. and the gift card idea is neat. i love it.
    and that icecream! YUM!!

  3. oh…and thanks for tutorial. i love that you used plain colored pencils. instead of having to use some special markers/pencils.

  4. You’re too funny Lisa! Can’t wait to sit back and watch your video later today. :)

  5. Great video- I think I just might have to pull my colored pencils back out! :)  Quick question though- do you ever use the colorless blender pencil?

    1. Hi Lysa! I hardly ever use the colorless blender pencil — it drives me bonkers, actually! It seems to make grooves in the waxy layers of the pencil that pick up the light. Hope that helps! :)

  6. What????!!!!  You mean this wasn’t a custom video tutorial just for me??? BAH HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!!   Now I know your secrets!  heh, heh, heh!!!! <–that is evil and maniacal laughter

    Seriously, tho, I’m *so-SO* glad you did this!  I was going crazy trying to emulate your technique!  Yippeeeeee!!!  Now I can color (almost) like you! *big cheesy grin*  Blowin’ ya’ smooches, girlie!

  7. I really adore your work, Lisa! Thank you for the awesome video tutorial!

  8. Terrific card.  There is so much detail and color – love it.

  9. Ok…I just LOVED your video and your coloring.  I loved it sooo much, I went to Hobby Lobby and immediately bought me some Prismacolor pencils!!  THANKS for that!  (my husband doesn’t thank you though) ;)  I just gotta tell you, it looked downright obscene me trying to figure out what pencils you were using.  It practically looked like I was making out with my screen. 
    ~~ from one Austinite to another

  10. That was such a great video on colored pencils! My husband watched it too. And, OMG the card is just stunning! You do such fantastic work. So inspiring. What kind of camera do you use? I enjoy looking at your photos.

  11. Lisa, thanks for emailing me.  Just love this card. The pinkberry picture looks yummy. As for chocolate, I love anything with dark chocolate and dislike white chocolate. To me white chocolate is not chocolate, why bother.

    1. Hi Teresa — I’m with you on white chocolate — why bother? :D

      Hi Cheryl — I talk about my cameras here in the FAQ section. Glad you (and your hubby!) liked it! Would love to see what the two of you come up with! :)

      Hi Melissa! Haven’t we been having some great weather?! I LOVE Austin! :) Have fun with your new pencils!

  12. Hi Lisa! Loved your video. I’ve never tried gamsol, but I’m like how you were able to blend without it. Super cute card.  That’s funny about Sally and raccoons.

    I just looked up a location for Pinkberry. There’s one about 10 miles away!

  13. […] +  placemats with the awesome pear + apple fabric that Sally and I found — they match this apron that she made me — thanks again, Sally!  […]

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