Hero Arts Blog + a giveaway going on!

I’m the featured blogger on the Hero Arts blog this week — I love it when it’s my blog week, it’s so much fun!  This week I’ll be focusing on windows — love doing them, they are such an easy, fun way to add an extra touch to stamped projects!  Here are three that I did for today:




For more info and stepped-out photos on how I did the last one, just hop on over here.

Oh and!  There’s also a giveaway going on for the stamp that I used on the first card, too!

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  1. SUPER CUTE!  Thanks for taking me to hero arts, these are so great!  I love the ribbon on the window too. :)

    Glad things are better for you.

  2. Hi Lisa, love these cards – so so pretty.  Am totally inspired, wish I had the week off!!!  Thank you so much.  I just adore your creations.

  3. YAY…Love when it is your week….and so good to see you creating and blogging again…..
    Gotta get my taxes finished so I can PLAY!!

  4. Wow, Lisa, these are gorgeous and colorful projects. Love it! How do you get your pictures so amazingly clear?! You must be one experienced photographer. I could sit here all night long and look at your pictures… (sigh with envy) :-)

    1. Hi CeeCee! Thanks so much for your nice comment! I mostly use a tripod when taking card pictures — so I bet that helps them stay clear + focused.

      Hi Fika — hugs back, that is so cool that you are in Jakarta!

      Thanks everyone else, too! :)

  5. I loved all your cards today Lisa! I can’t wait to see what you have planned for the rest of the week!!! :)

  6. I really like how you used the swirly frame stamp. What a great idea. I like all cards. It’s the little details I want to remember and use myself like the bits of ribbon

  7. Hi Lisa..
    Last nite i saw your cards on HA Blog and now i saw it again..  and still staring on them, i adore all of your cards, they are too cute (especially i love your tying ribbons) and also your clear pics.. can’t wait the more you will upload to the blog..  Hugs from Jakarta.. :)

  8. What a graet inspiration these card are, love them :D

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