Another window…


Here’s a pic of my window card for today on the Hero Blog — I tried to make it look like a real window, hee hee!  For full details + to see an amazing scrapbook page by my friend Gaëlle Fauglas, check out the post here!

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  1. I really love your cards Lisa…can’t wait to see more…again :)

  2. Hi Lisa.. your real “window” in window’s card is super clever & adorable… love all the details .. thanks for the inspirations.. :)

  3. I LOVE this card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It is totally unique!

  4. ADORABLE!  Love the curtains. :)

  5. Fabulous!!  LOVE how well all the features work together!!

  6. That is absolutely adorable!  Great way to use ribbon – and I know I have some wide, patterned stuff in my stash that I’ve been stumped on ways to use it…  Thanks for the wonderful idea!

  7. Your cards are so adorable! I must have that cloud DesignBlock – when is it coming out???

    1. Hi Jackie! Retailers will be able to order the new stamps starting on March 30th! :)

  8. What a cute card!! Love it.

  9. Ok, this is too too creative!!! I LOVE it!!! Now I got to think of something like this for my card :p

  10. OH LISA!!!  you never cease to AMAZE me…..Love your cards and Creativity!!

  11. This is such a cute and awesome idea!  I have a ton of thick striped ribbon that I’m always trying to find a use for!  Fantastic!

  12. Wow, you are amazing! What a fun card, love it!!!

  13. Oh my gosh how CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!  (and you’re a fellow Austinite and Lance fan, how cool!)  (I’m sooo bummed about his fall yesterday!)

  14. Curtains!!  Brilliant!!  How do you come up with it??  I’m amazed!

  15. Super cute window cards this week. This one is ADORABLE! I love how you repurposed a wooden stirring stick.

    Congrats on Kristinas’ Top 10, BTW!

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