Big storm!

We had a big hailstorm late yesterday afternoon — with golf ball sized hail and bigger, yikes!  Here’s some after it stopped storming, it had melted a bit by then from the rain, but you get the idea.  There were some funky shaped ones, too!



Just up the road there was baseball sized hail — YIKES!

Looks like we escaped without any real damage, just some branches and leaves down.  The sound of it hitting the house though — man, I’ll never forget that!  I know some friends that had both their front + back windshields broken — hope everyone is okay!

By the way, how come “golf ball” is two words, while “baseball” is one?  Silly English language!

12 thoughts on “Big storm!”

  1. Oh, my! I’ve heard about golf ball sized hail but never seen it before. Glad you are ok and it didn’t damage your house.

  2. Yikes on the size of that hail!! Glad everyone’s ok!

    I just had to tell you I LOVE your wedding band! If I ever get married, I really want a celtic knot band like that!

  3. Lisa, we also live in Austin, Texas but in south Austin.  We didn’t get hail…thank goodness, but we did get some rain.  I did see that car dealerships along 183 suffered quite a bit of damage.  Glad you and yours are okay.  Regards, Charlotte

  4. Oh That is the Scary kind of Hail!!!  I remember when I was little trying to get home ind being caught in it…it was awful!!!
    thanks for the photos and memories…..

  5. Wow!!! We had hail that size an hour away from us about a year ago and all the cars (including at the dealerships were damaged)… big dents, etc. The dealerships were offering major discounts… Glad you survived it okay. :)

  6. Holy cow! that is amazing.
    We did not get that. We just a lot of rain.  Glad you guys are okay. Hope your friends are okay!

    And yes! Our english language is crazy!

  7. Because “golf” is the name of the game, while “baseball” is the name of the game; to specify the ball used for golf you have to toss in the noun “ball” but to do so for the game already called “baseball” would sound redundant (even though it’s not). Makes perfect sense!

    …Just don’t get me started on “i before e except after c and when sounding like A as in neighbour and weigh, and sometimes when it’s just weird…”

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