Enchanted Rock

Found some more photos when I cleared off my camera to make room for the video I did for the Hero Blog last week + I just had to share! These are from when we went to Enchanted Rock State Natural Area — it’s about 2 hours west of here. We hiked up to the top…


Then had a picnic lunch — yum! Then we hiked around for a few hours, just talking + looking at plants — like these cool claret cup cacti


Mmmmmm, just look at that pink granite!

Then we trekked back up to the top to watch the sunset


(Yeah, I have big feet — those are my size 9’s on the left, ha!)




Ahhhh, what a great day!

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  1. Beautiful pictures Lisa. Love the ones of you and Jason on top of the Enchanted Rock.

    My kids have been having fun playing with the Hero Arts Asian Doll set. The Archivers lady said that these stamps are very popular.

  2. Sounds like a perfectly awesome day! :-)

  3. Great Photo’s Lisa…..Looks like a Beautiful day!

  4. Wow, look at the scenery!!

  5. Wow, awesome photos and beautiful scenery!! Glad you had fun!!

  6. Awesome photos, looks like a great day and that photo of both sets of boots is too cute!

  7. Looks beautiful – love the photo of your shoes and the sunset. :)  Very restful.

  8. What great pictures. So different from where I live.

  9. Lisa.. you look so beautiful & both of you are a happy couple.. just love the scenery.. and the boot pic is just too cute.. ;)

  10. Great photos!

  11. I’ve been to that rock!!  It was one of the first things we did when we went to visit our son soon after he moved to Austin!  It is very much prettier in spring (more lush) than whenever we were there, and I remember it being SO hot climbing to the top!

    You both look so happy in your picture! 

  12. The scenery looks so different from where I live.
    Great photos. You two looks so cute together. Love the shoes photo!!!

  13. So that is Jason! You two make a very cute couple. It sounds like you had a terrific and soul-nourishing day. I’m glad for you!

  14. I had lots of fun with you too!

    And I think I took that claret cup cacti photo and the one of both of us.  ;-)

  15. hmm… nice pic but I think you need some FL palm trees on your blog!

  16. Fantastic photos, Lisa!

  17. I finally got your e mail.  The answer is YES.  Judy

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