Got a haircut!


Actually, got it cut last Thurs!  I gotta get a better pic. Had it like this once before, only then I had bangs.  Bangs are finally grown out, woo hoo!  But, now I hear they’re coming back in style now.  Figures!

17 Replies to “Got a haircut!”

  1. LOVE the haircut!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Haircut looks great.  Were you looking in a mirror to take that picture?

  3. Hi, Lisa! Love your self-portrait! Nice haircut! :-)

  4. Hi Lisa…LOVE the new Doo….so cute!!
    Glad to see you back….!!

  5. Lisa,
    Nice haircut, very different from your usual cut. Plan to go see the Earth movie with the kids tomorrow. They want to see it before the offer to plan a tree expires.

  6. krolski (Kathy) says:

    Love the new haircut – very chic!  :)

  7. you’re so cute.  love the new ‘do!  :)

  8. Lisa, love the new hair cut :) I had mine cut last week (well overdue) and it feels so much better.

  9. donna mikasa says:


  10. Looks great, Lisa!

  11. Lisa, how darling.  Thanks for sharing!

  12. Kathy Rosecrans says:

    Love it, Lisa!!

  13. Awww…how cute, isn’t the ‘growing out the bangs’ just the most awkward part?  Love the ‘do!

  14. This is a great picture. Love the way you angled it!
    And your new du is very cute!

  15. LOOKS GREAT! U shld be in a magazine.

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