9 Replies to “May the 4th be with you!”

  1. ROLFLMAO!!!!!!

    Reminds me too much of what’s his name.. You know, that director who did spoofs on things?  Blazing Saddles?  May the Schwartz be with you???

    Check this baby out:


    1. Ha ha ha, thanks Andi! :) I remember that movie!!! :) RASPBERRY!

  2. I always get nostalgic when I see pics of Star Wars!  Cool that there is a Star Wars Day!

    Did you see the exhibit that came to Texas about a year and a half ago?  We went to the Ft. Worth science museum to see it, but I’m guessing maybe it made its way to Austin too?  Man, Chewie was tall! And after seeing it in person, I totally want a hovercraft.  *LOL*

    1. Hi Laura! I didn’t know about it, darn! Ha ha ha on hovercraft, me too! :)

  3. Justine M says:

    I am a Star Wars fan too.  I love it when a female knows something like that!  Thanks for sharing.

  4. Bless your heart, Lisa , that’s just too corny! 

  5. chantille says:

    Lisa, love that card of yours using the cloud design block and deer stamp. Am very, very tempted to get the cloud stamp :) I have a question, please could you tell me how you made the card base using a nestabilities die but did not get a straight edge at the fold and instead getthe whole die on the front (and back?) I tried it with the labels 1 dies and just get a straight fold, grrrrr. i really want to create tonight. Could the same be done with circles and scalloped circles? TIA

    1. Hi Chantille — I just cut two pieces out with the die of the same shape. Then I pick one to be the back, and score it an inch or so from the edge. Then I put adhesive from the score line over to the edge and glue it to the front. Ta dah! Here’s a link to a circle one I did at Christmas with a picture: http://heroarts.com/blogs/club/2008/11/03/win-a-day-winner-ashley-marcu/

      Hope that helps! :)

  6. Oh, BBBBBRRRRR-other!


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