Just a quick share of a photo of Mealy Blue Sage (Salvia farinacea) — a native Texas prairie plant — that I took on Thursday growing near some old railroad tracks.  It was so pretty.

I can just imagine what it must have looked like when the whole area was still prairie — like a blue, misty lake of color.  Wow!

9 thoughts on “Blue!”

  1. Oh that flower is pretty! Lisa I just wanted to say thank you for the instructions on making  a base of a card using nestabilities die  (I remember that yummy Christmas card). I didn’t think it could be done with just 1 piece of folded cardstock, glad it wasn’t be being dumb then! Off to play with my new design blocks, they are gorgeous – just got the dots and flowers and woodgrain. Thanks again :)

  2. So beautiful!  What a gorgeous blue!
    Railroad tracks can look great with their “weeds”.
    Roadsides are beginning to look beautiful here too.  They are at their best in June.  I could walk around all day and admire, if I had the time :) 

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