Help me test Mr. Linky!

Hi everyone!  I’m testing out Mr. Linky.  Please help me test it and leave your linky! Thanky! (Oh no, I’m kinda getting carried away on this “y” thingy, eh?)

1. Lisa (sideoats scribbles)
2. Turnip
3. Fried Green Tomato
4. Mrs. Squash
5. Jaded
6. Jason Spangler
7. Kelly booth,,,it works L…
8. Carrot Top
9. Dotty
10. Citi
11. Lysa
12. Simon Says Stamp
13. Sarah Martina
14. Teresa
15. Traci Garzelli
16. Anne Gaal
17. Ashley Newell
18. Krystie
19. Aimee
20. Brit Swiderski
21. Nancy E
22. Valscrap (France)
23. Avital Gertner-Samet
24. Tiffany Heilman
25. Gaëlle
26. Savitri
27. Tiffany
28. Lucille
29. Ashley Marcu
30. Jane
31. Andi Sexton
32. Lucy
33. Anuja Kamani
34. Dawn T
35. Sarah M
36. Kiara Lee
37. Anthonette
38. lexi
39. Cheryl
40. Cris Marsh
41. It’s Frugal Being Green
42. Maylee
43. Roberta Wax
44. Deborah
45. Laura Bassen
46. Godelieve
47. Virginia L.
48. Bianca from Germany
49. Jenn Biederman-yay!
50. Tammy W
51. Lisa A.
52. Naomi
53. Daniela Dobson
54. Rachie
55. Tanja
56. Lydia Fiedler
57. Vera R
58. SmilynStef
59. Meg B
60. Samantha Gale
61. Teresa
62. Joscie
63. LeAnne-first & second cards
64. Eveline

Thanks for helping me test Mr. Linky! The challenge post is here!

Once I see if this worky, I’ll post the first ever “Scribble This” challenge! If you’d like to get started on the challenge early, it will be to create a card with lots of white and play with the white balance settings on your camera. Check out a little tutorial here on white balance — learning this will really make the colors in your photos pop, especially under difficult lighting!

Stay tuned…

16 Replies to “Help me test Mr. Linky!”

  1. Ohhh.. are you planning on doing challenges like Kristina & Dawn?

    1. Hi Jaded! Yep, I’m planning to do challenges — only mine will have a little twist: first I’m going to give a photo tutorial, and then the challenge will be to create a card that uses a concept from the tutorial! I got the idea because everyone always asks me how I take pictures :) The first tutorial is yesterday’s post here!

      Hope you can play!

  2. Test(y) Test(y)Test(y) — that is supposed to mean Test (Yes ) Successful. Love the photo tutorial, must try it out and play in your challenge.

  3. Works like a charm!

    *back to work on my white card*

  4. Hi, Lisa! Mr. Linky worky finey! ;-)

  5. Sussex England calling Austin TX  – seems to be communicating !

  6. Cool…I will definetly be participating in this challenge!

  7. Oh how fun-y :)
    Ok, so is this a photo challenge, using white balance and we can use whatever object/subject or is this creating a card and then photograph it using the white balance technique?

  8. Wow – this is the best idea ever Lisa – you are so good to us loyal pupils.  I certainly appreciated the tutorial and giving us a “test” is the best way to check our learning.  Thank you so much! :)

  9. Anuja Kamani says:

    Hey, Lisa ! Mr Linky is working just finey!

  10. Hi Lisa.  Have linked my blog…. Haven’t had a chance to try out your white balance tutorial yet.  Still got to figure out how to get into the manual stuff on the camera!!!!!

  11. Great idea! Can’t wait to join the fun!

  12. Sounds interesting! I’m looking forward to it :)

  13. Hey Lisa!  Looks like Mr. Linky is working…yay!  I hope that Mr. Linky has all of his ducks in a row…so many blogs depend on him!  :)

  14. This is my first time trying out too. I hope it’s not too difficult.

  15. […] more thing! I wanted to say thanks so much to everyone who helped me test Mr. Linky on this post! If you posted a link to your card there, please re-link it here so that they are all in one […]

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