Getting in the mood for…


Christmas!  Er, Christmas you ask?  When it’s just now June?  Why yes!  Hero Arts is hard at work on the Winter Catalog — lots of top secret, super cool stuff!  I’ve got  music playing, the air conditioner turned up full blast — it’s in the 90’s here already — and am off to fix a hot chocolate.

Oh and! I took this picture over the weekend at a friend’s bed + breakfast, isn’t he adorable?  I think he’s some sort of antique, not sure.  Anyone know? He’s only about 3″ wide.  More pictures from our weekend trip later.

For now, it’s back to stamping!  Deck the cards with boughs of holly, fa la la la la…!

4 Replies to “Getting in the mood for…”

  1. It’s never too early for Christmas! I’d rather get an early start making Christmas cards so I’m not stressed out during the days leading up to it :) Plus they’re fun to make heh.

  2. Hope you have some carols or Christmas tunes playing and a roaring fire :)  Even if it is 90 degrees.  So excited about the Christmas stamps.  Any little tiny hints for us???  Best wishes, and good luck.

  3. I always make my card early (June or July). I hate being stressed out about it.  Day after Thanksgiving I toss them all in the mail.

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