Scribble This!: Week 2!


For this second challenge in the Scribble This! series, learn how to get rid of the grey blahs in your photos by adjusting the levels!  Here’s how to enter the challenge:

  1. First, read this tutorial on adjusting levels.
  2. Next, create a card with at least a bit of white in it — you’ll need a bit of white so that you can adjust the levels correctly.  The rest of the colors + theme are all up to you!  Post a picture before you adjust the levels and again after.  Write about any interesting things you discover!
  3. Leave a link below to the post with your card — be sure not to link to your whole blog.

1. Bianca from Germany
2. Sarah M
3. Doris from Poland
4. Godelieve
5. Andrea Roose
6. Bethany P
7. Deborah
8. Kristina
9. Winter Sims
10. Dotty
11. Alice W.
12. Kelly
13. Leah Weir
14. Virginia L.
15. ABeecher
16. Kelly Booth
17. Adriel
19. Rachel Sztonyk
20. Lisa Carroll
21. Rachel Hope
22. Jill
23. SmilynStef
24. Dawn
25. Laura
26. MMG
27. Brit Swiderski
28. Vera Rhuhay
29. teresa W
30. Laura G
31. Dragonfly Designs
32. Sarah Martina
33. Mei Ann G {Canada}
34. Rosemarie Diehl
35. Avital Gertner-Samet
36. Lysa
37. Ashley C. Newell
38. Laura Bassen
39. Heather Ruwe
40. CrazyKid
41. CrafyKid’s Sister
42. Divya R
43. Divya
44. Divya

This challenge is now closed — thanks to everyone who entered!

AND!  Feel free to add the challenge image to your post — you’ll want to save the image to your computer and then upload it like you do a photo.

Most of all, have fun!  Can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with!

27 Replies to “Scribble This!: Week 2!”

  1. I enjoyed playing with GIMP and was very happy with how I was able to adjust the white in my card using the steps you provided in the tutorial. Thanks.

  2. […] I am still looking through the submissions from last week’s challenge – wow, some great ones!  I’m off on a prairie trip until Sunday, hope to feature some […]

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  4. This is a great tutorial! Do you have any suggestions for adjusting the levels if there is no white in the card pictured?  What if it has vanilla or light pink or some other pastel color?

    1. Hi Marisa, if you still have the card, you can take a photo of it with something white to work with next to it, and then crop it out later. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait for future tutorials for other things you can try. Hope that helps!

  5. Hi Lisa,
    Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial!  I’ve always been intimidated by PS and your easy-to-follow directions made it oh-so-simple for me to get rid of the ugly grey blahs in my photos!   Here are my before-and-after photos:  The results were STUNNING!  Can’t wait to try more of your tutorials!

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