Peaches or blueberries?


I went with both!  Had to share this little scene from this morning — sometimes colors aren’t planned, but they still look good together.  That’s peacock, sea mist, and chartreuse Fiesta, Texas peaches, blueberries, shredded wheat and a napkin I made a while back.  And vanilla nut teeccino. I’ve been alternating between vanilla nut, hazelnut, and chocolate — YUM.

Wanted to let ya know that I’ve been busy busy busy working on something BIG for Hero Arts — well, lotsa big things actually!  All I can say for now is that you’ll want to visit the Hero blog for sneaks of what’s coming. Oh and mark your calenders for July 15th!

And! I haven’t forgotten about the Scribble This! Challenges — hope to have some highlights up from the Sharp as a Tack challenge up soon, plus another tutorial.  And I’ve got TONS of  stamping deas running around in my brain — can’t wait to get a minute to play!

Update: It’s raining!  YEAH, we really need it!  Sounds so nice on the new metal roof, which is almost done — double YEAH!

7 Replies to “Peaches or blueberries?”

  1. Yum! That looks so good! And healthy! I had coffee and a half of a banana in the car this morning… the baby begged for the other half as we were on our way to work/school (even though he had already had a bowl of oatmeal before we left!).

  2. Wow…Looks so yummy ;)

  3. Looks like a Yummy Breakfast and Love the Photo’s you take Lisa….Can’t wait for the next Scribble this!!

  4. Looks good.  We planted a couple blueberry bushes this year, hope we get some berries next year.    Love,  MOM

    1. Grandpa and I tried growing blueberries once, but the rabbits got them. Doh!

  5. I recognize the Fiesta Ware… right?! The bowl? My mom has my great-grandma’s set of dishes and that bowl looks very familiar. Lovely colors in your photo! =)

    1. Hi Adriel! Yep, that is Fiesta! I couldn’t decide on colors so we have a mix. :)

      Jason’s Grandpa used to work there, the factory is very close to Jason’s hometown. So we get to go to the outlet store when we are visiting, fun!

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