Taking time to stop and smell…


…the cupcakes!  Oh and the coffee, too!  I’ve been super mega ultra crazy insanely busy working to get ready for the BIG Hero Arts launch on July 15th.  Can’t wait until y’all can see!

AND!  If you look carefully you’ll see a little sneak peek of the new look for the blog!

Okay, back to work I go…!

11 Replies to “Taking time to stop and smell…”

  1. Thanks for the teaser ;)

  2. Hi Lisa, I’ve seen your tweets on how hard you are working on the HA website. I can hardly wait to see the results.

    That little cupcake looks divine!

  3. I can’t wait to see ALL of your hard work! :)

  4. I hope you have some down time after the 15th.   Can’t wait to see the new Hero Arts.     Love,  MOM

  5. Cupcakes?????

  6. that little cupcake looks so yummy!

  7. I wouldn’t just SMELL them…YUM!!!
    So Excited for the Fun week at Hero ARTS……

  8. That cupcake just looks delish!

    Can’t wait to see the big Hero Arts reveal on Wednesday!

  9. The new Hero Arts website looks great!  I’m glad it is done so I can see you more again!  ;-)

  10. Love your photo Lisa!

  11. That cupcake looks delicious! :) And the Hero Arts site looks great, too!

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