Scribblings from the Sharp as a Tack Challenge!

The third tutorial in the Scribble This! series was on making your photos look sharp — as a tack!  Read the tutorial here, or click over here to see past tutorials.

The challenge entries are all super great — and yep, I looked at each and every one!  I wanted to highlight some + their words so that we can all learn from each other.

First off, check out this card from Chris Millar — in her words “As you can see from the ‘after’ shot the card is so much more crisp and defined. It really makes everything pop!”


Oh yeah, Chris!  What a difference!

Next, take a look at this set of before + afters from Bianca from Germany. The difference here is more subtle, but I think it adds just the right touch.  Bianca says:  “I’m not sure if there is a big difference to see at all. If you look really close there is a slight difference to notice.”



Next I wanted to share this set from Lucy! She also fixed the levels to get rid of the grey gloom — you can read more about that here in this tutorial.  Lucy used iPhoto to make her adjustments, and that’s perfectly okay for the challenges — use what you have! She says: “I don’t actually have a photo editing programme other than iPhoto – but just playing around with the sharpness settings made a big difference.”



Thanks Lucy!  I can really see the difference!

Now for some from Kelly! Kelly says: “I first edited the Levels and then sharpened it (Look at the speck of BIRD P–P on the ledge or whatever it is??) you can see the difference….I used the GIMP software……It has been so much fun learning a little more about photo’s and how to Edit them!”



Oh yeah, Kelly, the details on the doll’s dress really pop, too!  And!  If you’re new to the tutorial series, find out more about GIMP here.

Finally, I wanted to share TWO sets from Jane — she also used multiple techniques!  She says: “It’s cold, grey and damp here in Zagreb and I too these photos yesterday early morning. Lisa’s instructions are so easy to follow! Believe me….I have issues when I need to copy and paste something”



Wow, what a difference!  And if you thought that was impressive, check out these photos of buttons Jane made from Fimo clay:



Thanks so much to everyone who participated in the challenge! Check them all out here.

And! I’m working on the next tutorial in the series — it will be on focusing tips + tricks. Until then, keep playing with your camera + photo editing software, experimenting, and — most of all — have fun!

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  1. Fun stuff Lisa! Glad you’re back! Great job ladies! I’m looking forward to the next one. :-)

  2. Can’t wait for the next one I am learning so much…..
    thank you Lisa for helping us learn you are the BEST!!

  3. What huge differences in all of these photos. Looking forward to learn more photo tricks from you. Thanks so much again.

  4. Yippie, can’t wait for the next challenge!!

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