Meet Olivier!


Hi everyone!  Hope you had a very Merry Christmas, full of love, laughter, family + friends!  J and I have been having tons of fun here in Austin — we even had a few snowflakes on Christmas Eve, yeah!

Today we got to see some good friends visiting from Ottawa, Canada — hi Nora, Greg, and Dominique!  And, I got to give them Olivier, the French Canadian Owlet:


Soon I will introduce you to Oliver, the owlet I made for J for Christmas — he is Olivier’s Texas cousin.  (I got the pattern here, it is so fun I just can’t stop making them.)

Au revoir,

12 Replies to “Meet Olivier!”

  1. He is super cute!!  Thanks for the link.

  2. This is adorable! I have a thing for owls so I LOVE this!

  3. Lisa those are the most adorable little owls. Too funny that you named him Olivier!  Love them. Keep making them and sharing them. What a hoot!

  4. Oliver is so cute!  Hope you have a very Happy New Year!  Hugs!

  5. What a cute little ball of craftiness!

  6. He is adorable! I would adopt him! Oh, no – not another crafting thing I`d like to try ;)

  7. Oh my!  So cute and sweet, love those dazzling eyes!!

  8. Just wanted to peek in and wish you and yours a very Happy New Year!!  May 2010 be the best for you!  ;)

  9. Happy New Year, Lisa!! This is super duper adorable, love it!

  10. Absolutely precious!

  11. Oh HOW cute!!!  Thank you for sharing, he’s lovely! :o)

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