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Happy weekend!


Wow, where did the week go?  Do you have fun weekend plans?  I’m going to finish up my Valentine’s Day cards, make pancakes with J tomorrow morn, then cook up a big pot o’ chili, do my homework for a class I’m taking, and finish a post for the Hero Arts Blog — I’m the featured blogger there next week, love it when it’s my week!

See you on Monday, when I’ll share a card inspired by this pretty hydrangea.  Hydrangeas seem to be all the rage these days, don’t they?

9 thoughts on “Happy weekend!”

  1. Beautiful photo!  It’s kind of like a buttercream color..yum!  Love hydrangeas in lavender!   My fav!  Can’t wait to see what you have cookin’ next week on the blog!

  2. What a beautiful photo.  My garden is full of pink and blue hydrangeas at the moment.  We have a large grouping of them just off our deck.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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