Mmmmmmmm, pancakes :)


Hope you’re having a great weekend!  It’s cloudy here today (again, darn).  But we still had a lovely brunch that I had to share. Those pancakes were mighty tasty, and we had tempeh bacon to go with them, too.

Thought I’d introduce you to some of my plant friends — from left to right, that’s Percy the Poinsettia, The Terrari-yum, a bouquet of American holly, long leaf pine, and red bay that I picked during a walk in Navasota, TX last weekend, and Suki (named after a plant that we saw in Japan.)  Oh and that’s our prairie garden outside the window.

I’ve always named my plants since I was a little girl — do you name yours?  My friend Mon names hers, so I got to meet Vern the Fern while I was visiting her.  Love that name, I almost want to buy a fern so I can have a Vern, too!

I’m off to finish up some crafty projects — see you tomorrow!

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  1. The pancakes were yummy!  Say hi to Vern the Fern for me next time you see him.  :-)

  2. what a gorgeous setting!
    It looks so inviting. Love the Bodum french press as well as the little grass growing in the vase. Is that Pottery Barn? I have the same one (picked up for $1 at a garage sale- woot wood) and I love the idea of putting the grass in it!! So cute.

    1. Hi Kelly Jo!  I’ve had that vase for a while now, think I got it at Ikea :)  Love it when you find things at yard sales!

  3. What a lovely setting !  Your plants are so pretty and I love your Fiestaware.
    Sadly I can’t seem to keep plants in the house over our long, cold winters so I don’t have anything to name. Yours are sure cute though !
    :-) Barbara

  4. Thanks for this fun little peek inside your sweet and wonderful world…I am such a fan of pancakes, they are the most perfect food! Love your plants and their names.  I have only one stubbornly determined house plant, he should be named Rocky or Rambo for being so tenacious. He lives in spite of!
    Looking forward to your week on the HA blog!

  5. Everything’s so beautiful;  looks like a photo prop for a magazine!  I love all your plants.  I’m so jealous; I definitely don’t have a green thumb!

  6. What a beautiful morning scene!  Love the little birdie card there, too, Lisa!

  7. gorgeous pic, lisa!! is your table from crate and barrel? i think i have the same one, heheh!

    1. Hi Kryssi! The table is from Ikea, I think! We’ve had it forever. :)

  8. This looks so inviting and I was admiring your plants.  I love the fact that you lit your candle too!

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