My homework :)

Hi again!  I’m back, posting my homework for a class I’m taking — Blogging Your Way with the fabulous Holly Becker — author of one of my most favorite blogs — decor8! Holly is a super great teacher, a truly genuine, super nice person and one of my blogging heroes.  If you’ve never heard of her blog you really should check it out!

Our mission was to create an inspiration board that shows what our blog is about/what we’d like it to be about.  So, here’s mine:


I’m going to try and get a better picture of this in the morning — it’s been one of those days, rainy BIG huge thunderstorms and non-stop work.  Not the best day for photography.  Did I mention that I didn’t get to eat lunch until 4:00?  Oh, yeah, one of those days.  Anyhow, here’s a little tour, starting on the left:

  • The two birds at the top are holding a Popsicle, because I want my blog to be a tasty treat!
  • The branches in the vases represent nature + growth
  • The deer and the felt mushrooms are also about nature — plus crafting — and fun!


Then on the right hand side:

  • A stamped camera for stamping + photography  — two of my passions!
  • “feel the love” — I want everyone to feel like they just had a big hug when they read my blog!
  • A doily represents all sorts of crafty goodness
  • The bicycle is for my love of cycling, being healthy, dreaming and feeling peaceful — I get some of my best crafty ideas while riding my bike, and it never fails to reduce my stress levels down to zero (well except for a few times, like when my tire blew out and sounded like a gunshot going off and scared the stress right outta me — oh wait, I guess the stress did go away after all)
  • Birds hanging out and chatting — for nature again, plus I want to hang out and chat with my readers
  • And last but not least, some sprigs of little bluestem, a prairie grass.  (sideoats is the state grass of Texas and I wanted to use that, but alas, couldn’t find any — so little blue to the rescue!)


Hope you enjoyed my inspiration board as much as I enjoyed putting it together.  And!  If ever you have the chance to take Holly’s class I’d highly recommend it!

See you tomorrow,

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  1. oh…i fall in love with your board…so fresh and happy…and full of your heart…i can feel…love it very much…thanks for sharing…cheers ines…;)…

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I am so glad I made it over to your blog! What a visual feast!
    Your board is fantastic -the doily patterns and those vases! I also like how you added a vase in there for the photograph. Great fonts too. I have enjoyed looking at your card creations in your more recent posts too. Amazing work.

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