A day full of love!

Hope you had a great Valentine’s Day! I had so much fun cooking and laughing and hiking that I just had to share!

We started off our day with raspberry whole wheat pancakes — yum!




Then a cold front roared in — the temp dropped from 64 F to 48 F in an hour, and it was super windy.  But, J had planned to take me hiking on an easy trail in a nearby park and we bundled up really well and went!  I wore a new wool sweater that he got me for Valentine’s Day, plus a wool base layer, my down coat, windbreaker, wool neck gaiter over my ears, and then a hat and scarf.  Toasty!



We had so much fun looking at the moss (more on that later!), the rosettes of bluebonnets and other spring wildflowers, and listening to the creek bubbling merrily away.

Then we came home and popped a samosa pie into the oven that I had made earlier — of course I had to cut the steam vents with a heart!


And then we cuddled up to watch Run Fatboy Run.  If you haven’t seen the movie, it’s a super funny one — and! romantic enough for us girls, without being too much of a chick flick for the guys.  Watched any other movies like this lately? I’d love to hear!

Oh and!  J loved his card and candies, yay!

Hugs and love,

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  1. I’m at work today and  the forecast is calling for 5-10  inches of more snow.  It sounds like you and Jason had a great Valentine’s day.  It really looks cold for Texas.   I read where 49 out of the 50 states had some kind of snow.   Love the orange fiesta dish.   Love,  MOM

  2. Wow!  Ummmm…I think I’ll come to your house for breakfast in the mornings!  Love all the pics of your fun day!

  3. Had lots of fun with you hon!  Pancakes were yummy too.

  4. I just happened by your website and have to say I’m glad I did.  You’ve got some very cute cards up there!
    And you’ve inspired me to have pancakes for breakfast tomorrow! YUM.

  5. Hello Lisa,
    Is that a Fiesta ware baking dish? I have a collection of the Fiesta plates, bowls, mugs, but have never purchased any of the bake ware.  How is it, and what do you recommend? Do you have a favorite place to purchase it from? Thanks, Jenny

    1. Hi Jenny! It is a Fiesta baking dish and I LOVE it!!! It works super great.

      I got mine at the factory in West Virginia, it is just a few miles from J’s parent’s house. In fact, some of his family used to work there, so cool! :)

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