Spiffing up the blog-o!


I just finished spiffing up this blog for my latest BYW homework assignment. Check it out:

  • Added new header for spring!  That fun vintage lace is from this free DigiKit from 2Peas — I just changed the color.
  • Updated the About Me, Contact, FAQ and Video pages, and also added some photo collages using Picasa
  • Also updated the about me blurb over there in the sidebar
  • Speaking of the sidebar, I added links to the most recent photo tutorials — hope you find them handy!

I’ve got more spiffing up I want to do, but that’s it for now. :)

(Photo taken in our happy little Tokyo hotel room with my iPhone.  That photo just about covers the whole room, J was sitting at the little desk off to the right.  The room was super tiny, but in a mighty good location and at a mighty good price.  Used that mug today while working on the blog — purchased it at Keyuca. I love getting useful things as souvenirs, then you can remember the trips everyday!)

Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

9 Replies to “Spiffing up the blog-o!”

  1. That is a cute little room!! I like the chair and the windows…they almost look like they slide out instead of open out….isn’t it addicting to always change up our blogs…add this, delete that! ;)  Always love your new headers!

  2. Love it–so fresh!  Love that I don’t have to scroll down through a mondo banner to get to the post!  The room may have been tiny, but, it looks well kept! ;)

  3. how do you take such an awesome photo with just your iphone?!

  4. Love the spiffy new look and great pic…as always!

  5. I was thinking that you have a very cool Japanese style room!! LOL! LOVE this relaxing photo! i always adore the clean and fresh look of your blog! =)
    Have a lovely weekend!

  6. Hi Lisa!
    This photo is great! Just so fresh and “effortless” but so pretty and well composed, it really conveys the message!
    Many thanks for being so kind to come over and check out my new header! My fellow students encouragement means so much for me!
    I add your blog to my “BYW” blogroll!
    See you in class!

    PS: I have the very same 2Peas kit! :)

  7. Lisa…this is such a great photo….such a calm relaxing Photo….
    And your Blog Looks Wonderful!!!   Hugs…..

  8. Your site looks great….and I love the photo here!  I can’t believe what a nice shot it is…you’re giving me inspiration!!  (i’m in byw class with you :)

  9. Hi Lisa,
    I love all the new little changes. Looks like you are learning lots in your class!

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