Flurries, flowers, and the kitchen sink!

There was a Rare Snow Event here in Austin today. Yes, anytime we get a single snowflake it’s cause for celebration, but this truly was An Event as the snow actually stuck and hung around past noon. And yes, you northerners are probably thinking I’m crazy about now, ha ha ha!

I enjoyed every minute of it. I caught some on my tongue. I took videos of it falling. I listened to the neighborhood kids screaming with glee. I followed the local news channels on twitter and saw The World’s Smallest Snowman in The World’s Smallest City Park. I followed The Event naming contest on a local news channel (SNOPAC, Snow by Snow West, and Snow Big Deal are my faves).

And, I took lots of pictures, of course!

First, the view from my kitchen window.  No not the sink, more about the sink thing later in the post. (Oh the suspense!) I got these flowers on Sunday. When it was 74. (Yes, 74 F.)


And then I saw these, in our prairie garden


This was the view from my office — I like to pretend it’s my little tree house


Then the sun came out and started melting everything.  (Darn sun.)


I had a nice cup of double green tea, then went back to work.  After work I could hardly wait to make this



It’s for lawnfawn’s “everything but the kitchen sink challenge #9”! Hee hee.

(Supplies: cloud stamp and gems by A Muse, patterned paper and ribbons by Cosmo Cricket.  Misted the whole thing with Ranger’s perfect pearls in water. Chipboard by Melody Ross — I rubbed it with Hero Arts’ Latte chalk ink.)

Okay, I’m off to eat pancakes (for National Pancake Day) — that cup of snow wasn’t very filling.

Hope you enjoyed the snow,

22 Replies to “Flurries, flowers, and the kitchen sink!”

  1. Love you, you snow-crazy nut!  :-)

  2. I love reading your blog:)  I can just feel all the glee and excitement with your big snow event!!!
    I love the bird on the feeder.. Great shot!  OK.. they all are…
    And such a cute, happy card..
    Lisa, it just captures your heart!!!

  3. Lisa!!!
    I was leaving work when I saw your message. Your photos of the snow are amazing! I don’t blame you for getting excited about snow, especially when you are in placed that doesn’t normally get it! And I LOVE the little cloud face!

  4. I know how much you like snow, but if you here you would be sick of it.  Enjoyed the post, the pictures,  the card and the cup of snow.    Love,  MOM

  5. Super cute!  Cosmo paper makes me happy!!  Great job on the sketch!  :)

  6. Your card is great and your photos are WOW!! Can  you teach me how to use my camera? Or editing software? :) Thanks for playing along with our challenge!

  7. I had quite a giggle reading your post Lisa.   I bet you enjoyed the snow  ’cause it doesn’t happen much…   Love your card

  8. Beautiful photos!  This year has been weather crazy, it also snowed here in Tuscany Italy – when it never does in our little area…it was definitely fun!  Very cute card as well…love all your tutorials and videos sharing so much, thanks!

  9. Oh my goodness! First of all, your photos! Wow! What a gorgeous view!
    I absolutely love your card! That cloud makes me smile big time! It is just so fun and happy! Thank you so much for playing along with ebtks!! You rock!! :)

  10. beautiful snow view and photos you got, Lisa!! love your adorable cloud card! really loving the perfect pearls mist look!! =)

  11. How Fun to have a little bit of snow…wish we would get a little once a year or so….We just get Rain and LOTS of it!!!
    Glad you had a fun pretty day….your card is adorable!

  12. Ohhhhhh!!!  Love the snow!  And, aawwe, the card it be cute! :)

  13. My fav is the capture of the snow flowers, wow!!!  Such fresh and crisp snow!  Love your cute card too for the challenge!

  14. Love your snow flowers!!  And your card is fun, happy, and cheerful!  Love all the colors! :>

  15. wow it looks so lovely! wasn’t it great of that sweet little bird to pose for the photo?!!!
    thanks for sharing.

  16. Oh snow!  Love that little cloud stamps very sweet. I live in a ‘tree house’ too:)  I am glad you are on my team, here’s hoping we win!
    Miss B

  17. WOW!  Love you snow photos—we got some rare snow in GA and it was beautiful!

  18. You take such amazing photos, Lisa! Love them and love your adorable card too!!

  19. Cute, cute, cute!  Thanks for playing the EBTKS challenge!

  20. Beautiful pics and what a cute card! I live in Southeast Texas, so I know how exciting it is to get snow! :) Thanks for playing with us in the challenge! :)

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