Featured on two sites!

I’m so excited and honored — sideoats + scribbles has been featured on two sites!


The first, Website Bakery, “bakes up” all sorts of super cool features for your viewing enjoyment.  Olympia the Owlet was featured there — she’s peeking out from their home page now, hee hee.  Here’s some more features going on right now that really made me smile:

  • Claudine Hellmuth — I am so honored to be on the same page as her!  WOW!  She’s one of my heroes.
  • Sandra Monat — she makes handmade fabric knights — I want to get one for J since I call him “my knight” :)
  • Alisa Wetzel — she creates stunning mini mosaics — wow!

The second site is Love My Tapes, a site all about one of my favorite things: Japanese masking tape!   The Bird-day Bunting card that I did with Japanese masking tape was featured. There’s lots of other great ideas for tape on their blog too, like:

Hope you have a happy day!  I’ll be back tomorrow with a card that I made for J’s grandma — can’t wait to show you.

19 thoughts on “Featured on two sites!”

  1. Congratulations on being featured:-) Love  your stuff, you are so creative.

    I too love Japanese masking tape, hope i can pick some up in Thailand this weekend.. Wonder if they have it there..

  2. Awesome!  Congrats on being featured, you deserve it!  Your owl was so super DUPER CUTE!  And love the originality of your Japanese tape banner!

  3. Wow, congrats! :)
    I didn’t know Love My Tapes and happy I discovered it just now: last Sunday I got a BIG quantity of japanese masking  tape from a friend back from a business trip! *HAPPY!* I’ll look there for inspiration, thanks for sharing! 


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