The List.

There’s just so many things I want to make, and not enough time in the day to do them all. So, I thought I’d make a little list here to stop them from going round and round in my poor overloaded brain, ha ha!  Do you do that?


  • First on the list is a card using these fun goodies my friend Mon sent me.  YUM.
  • Then I want to make Mother’s Day cards for J’s mom, J’s sister, both of our Gran’s, and my step-mom — can you believe May is almost here?  I’m going to make them using the new wildflower stamps from the Hero Arts Artists Proofs supplement.
  • I’ve been wanting to make coasters using a Hero Arts doily stamp from Archiver’s and wooden disks I picked up at a craft shop for ages now — going to stamp them with paint!
  • I have tons of ideas for making cards for J using the Lawn Fawn Critter’s in the ‘Burbs set, so cute
  • Then there’s an empty picture frame that I want to fill with butterflies using washi paper that I got at a 400 year old stationary shop in Tokyo.  It’s got me a little intimidated because I don’t want to ruin the beautiful paper — eeks!
  • I’ve been making lotsa crochet owlets for friends but I’m not saying whoooo, hee hee!
  • Then there’s embroidery patterns I picked up at the Stitch Lab from Sublime Stitching — it ain’t your grandma’s embroidery, ha!
  • Then there’s some super fun digi images I want to color from Jane at Squigglefly — especially these Russian dolls!
  • Oh and felt projects from a book that I picked up in Japan, too.  Finally have some nice wool felt, also from the Stitch Lab.
  • And last but not least, I’ve just got to make a display using recycled glass bottles and wildflowers from our garden before they’re all gone.

What about you, do you have a list of Things You Want to Make Someday?

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  1. Ohhh… i need me some of that Baker’s twine. do you know where you can get it in smaller quantities.  I’ve only seen it in a huge spool with like 240 yards!! LOL

    1. Love the photo Lisa!!
      For Karen, try Etsy. Just search for baker’s twine!

  2. how wonderful projects…really exciting and i´m looking forward to your next posts…;)…and yes i have now and than a list for being creative…so this is a lovley idea for a post…like it…send you a big hug and have a great creative week…cheers…i

  3. What a fun list, Lisa!! Hoping to see some of those projects shared on your blog! I love that picture, it makes a gorgeous header too! :)

    1. hee hee, was wondering if anyone would notice :)

  4. Oh my, do I ever!
    1. ruffled pouch
    2. shoulder bag (ok, so, 1 and 2 are orders, but they’re still on my list.)
    2. free motion quilting pouch
    3. baby dress
    4. free motion quilting purse
    5. skirt
    6. coffee cozy, quilted
    7. fabric pins
    I do think it’s funny how all of yours are with cards, and all  of mine are with fabrics!  To each his own :)
    I do like your new header as well, gorgeous colors!

  5. I LOVE lists, and I have lists of lists but I lose them. LOL!

  6. Oh I have a list that’s getting longer and longer!!!! Just not enough time!! ;)
    Love your header!!

  7. really fun embroidery patterns indeed! I have a few really cool Japanese  stitching books and really hope that I would have time to try them all some day! =) I kind of do lists in my head, too… My little brain does lost one or two items sometimes. LOL! thanks for sharing and I love that photo and it as your header!! really yummy colors! =)

  8. Yes, I love to make list and I like even better to cross things off!

  9. your photography is superb! fun goodies from your friend! cannot wait to see the growing family of owlets!

  10. I can’t wait to see all of your upcoming creations!

  11. Oh my, you are a busy girl and can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to with your ‘secret’ card….what a great idea to make a list!  I should do that too….I only have really, one future goal and that is…sewing!  I hope to be able to invest extensive time in this when my little one is in school longer next year…whohoo!

  12. Love your photos and the new banner, Lisa! Your photography skill is amazing, you should host a on line photography class… I will be the first one to sign up!! Looking forward to see your new projects!!

  13. My List is always growing….So many things I want to try…LOVE that Bakers Twine…where does it come from??  Hope you have a Fun Weekend Lisa!

    1. Hi Kelly — a friend sent me this, she found it on Etsy. Another place I know if is Divine Twine (love that name!)

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