Stamping techniques that rule. :)


I had tons of fun making this card for the Hero Arts 2010 Summer Arts & Crafts Catalog — and even more fun making a video showing how I did it.

Can you tell from the title that J and I have been watching old 80’s TV shows?  Like MacGyver, Magnum PI and the A*Team. Hee hee. Why don’t they make shows like that anymore?  They ruled! What were your favorite 80’s TV shows?  I’d love to hear!

All joking aside — I have been wanting a ruler stamp for sew long now — yay!  (Today must be Bad Pun Day, ha!) Can’t wait until June 1st when the catalog is released and you can see all the other yummy stampy goodness.

And!  There are lots of contests + giveaways going on the Hero Arts Blog — check ’em out, some are ending soon!

Hope your day rules,

19 thoughts on “Stamping techniques that rule. :)”

  1. I’ve been watching the HA sneak peeks for summer. I can relate to the ruler stamp..finally! The one in the Just a note set is cute but this one is “sew” much cuter. (ha ha, couldn’t resist)

  2. omg i luurve this stamp…i want to make dozens og cards with it and change the colours each time, use gingham trim and just use the heck our of it!!  Such a fab job as always Lisa!! Im such a huge fan of your work!!! genius i tell you!!!
    as for the 80’s shows–it was same as you, A-team, MacGuiver & Magnum PI (he was strangely atractive, still is–80s short shorts and all lol), but  I also loved Voltron,  Jem (no-one remembers Jem…)Monkey Magic and the original series of Star Trek…William Shatner was the best.  They dont make tv like that anymore!!!

  3. love the pretty colors and the vintage look! can’t wait to see the catalog!!!
    even though i was living in Taiwan, but A-team and MacGuiver definitely ruled the tv world in the 80s in Taiwan, too!! they were dubbed in Chinese. They were the saturday must watches in my family!! =)

  4. Love your card, Lisa!! Yeay for the ruler stamp :)
    We used to watch McGuyver and Magnum too, along with Hunter and Jake & the fat man. Sure takes you back in time. Those were the days!!

  5. I just had to stop over and let you know how much I ADORE this card! Your video on HA was great and very inspiring! Thanks for a great week so far! :)

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