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Have a refreshing weekend!

Yay for Fridays, and Peet’s Jasmine Tea, and limes.  And yay for whoever thought of putting them together.  Have you ever tried it?  It’s so crisp and — well yes — refreshing!


And yay for a weekend with no plans, except for drinking tea and writing posts for the blog next week — I have some super fun, super BIG things planned — the first one on Monday!  Not giving any hints, but there may or may not be giveaways, and news about a blog hop…hee hee!

See you then,

14 thoughts on “Have a refreshing weekend!”

  1. YUM…might have to run to Petes and get me some to try!! I bought some Green Tea and Hubby says it is awful!!!LOL!!  Maybe he will like the Jasmine tea and Lime??
    worth a try…..

    1. One thing I learned when I was in Japan is that the higher the quality of tea, the less hot you should make the water. I use water that is on the verge of boiling — but not boiling — for Peet’s. Helps make it less bitter. :)

      AND! Maybe get him a green tea latte and tempt him with that — everyone likes latte’s, right? YUM-O!

  2. Omg! That looks so refreshing Lisa! I have never tried a lime in an iced tea but after seeing this photo, I will have to buy some limes and try it.

  3. mmmm…. that sounds like a yummy good tea! very interesting tips on the water temperature about brewing green tea (on your responds to Kelly). i’ll have to pay attention to that the next time! never thought about putting lime in my jasmine tea either, may have to try this tonight! =) thanks for the tips and hope you have a beautiful weekend!

  4. I LOVE LOVE that JAR! And to echo everyone else’s comments, I also LOVE your photographs–what an awesome talent!

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