Did you know that grasses have flowers?  Oh yes, they are there, hanging like little bells.

But you have to look closely for them…




Ah, there now.

This is sideoats grama, the state grass of Texas.  It’s my favorite prairie grass — shhhh, don’t tell the other grasses!  I even named this blog after it. Love that coral-pink color, it’s so pretty.  And the flowers are so dainty and delicate.

I remember the first time I saw grass flowers — I felt like I made a huge discovery.  Like a whole new world to explore.

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Wishing you a day full of new discoveries,

11 Replies to “sideoats!”

  1. How pretty, I love grasses too! Jo x

  2. Wow! Beautiful!

  3. I did know that grasses get flowers, but I sure didn’t know that they had color to them!  I will be paying lots more attention from now on!   Beautiful pictures, thanks, Lisa!

  4. Oh, the gorgeousness. My heart is melting.

  5. Awesome pics!  Sideoats rocks (but so do the other native grasses…)!

    1. You know you like sideoats the best :) go on, admit it :)

  6. oh wow, grass has never been this beautiful!!!  =) lovely pictures!

  7. this is new to me! thanks for the beautiful close-up. very pretty and delicate flowers indeed!

  8. soo pretty.. love how you can capture this beauty Lisa.. :)

  9. This is beautiful, I’m still working on getting my macro shots to look this good!

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