Happy summer!


Or to those in the southern hemisphere, happy winter!  I’ll eat some raspberries for you.  :)

Did you have a good weekend?  I didn’t have time to craft, but I did get lots of chores done that have been piling up like pancakes — only not quite as tasty, ha!  Now I’ll have time to play.  And I’m already working on my next photo tutorial — it will be on taking closeup photos.

And!  There’s one day left to enter the Lawn Fawn giveaway, yay!

Happy happy day,

9 Replies to “Happy summer!”

  1. Those photos are beautiful – wow!  And of course I had to stop by when I’m hungry :)  Now I want raspberry topped pancakes!!

  2. gorgeous photos, looking forward to your tutorial, just invested in a new lens and I can’t wait to get it! :) I can always use photo tips

  3. mary from maine says:

    I love sunshine and raspberries and peonies too. Thanks for sharing with us today :)

  4. Oh yum! We were just eating some raspberries in the backyard today. Delicious!

  5. yumminess! love your photos!

  6. Happy Summer to you too, those raspberries look so delicious!

  7. yum yum!!! i LOVE me some raspberries, well any berry will do!!

  8. Oh, you’re making me hungry with this photo, delish!  Love that little bit of chocolate on the pancake!

  9. I haven’t had breakfast yet, so these pictures are making me hungry :D And congrats on finishing all the chores!

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