A little photo tip.




This may seem like a totally obvious tip, but it is so true!  And it’s even more true when you’re using a digital camera — after all, you can just delete the ones you don’t want.  :)

I was going for a walk along the San Francisco Bay with a friend when I took these.  She thought I was more than a little nuts for taking so many photos, but then I showed her how many were bad — because the cute critter moved, or I had the camera settings wrong, or something. And then she was convinced.

It’s really liberating, actually.  It gives you the freedom to play with light.

By the way, anyone know what kind of critter this is? My friend said he was a rat.  But I’m thinking no way!  He’s too cute to be a rat.  Update: Thanks to Rachel for letting me know — it’s a California ground squirrel! I just knew it was too cute to be a rat. Mystery solved.

Hope your day is filled with sunshine and cute critters,

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  1. He can’t be a rat.  Rats have skinny tails.  He’s adorable – looks much more like a squirrel to me.  What a cute series of photos.

  2. Love this tip!  Snap *  Snap * Snap – the perfect shot is bound to be in there somewhere!

  3. LOL a rat! nooooo…it’s a squirrel!

  4. doesn’t look like any squirrel from the northeast!
    maybe a rat/squirrel

  5. I first thought squirrel but he is cuter than our North Carolina squirrels :) Definitely too cute for a rat. That’s the reason I love digital photography, You can take a ton of photos and just delete the ones you don’t like…no wasted film, or developing!

  6. No, not a rat (too much hair).  Some kind of ground rodent – like a chipmunk, vole, or squirrel.
    Cute pictures!!

  7. Great photos!  And a cute critter!   He looks more like a fat ground squirrel to me.

  8. Hi, Lisa! Looks like a prairie dog to me! And a cute one! :-)

  9. total squirrel, anddddddddddddddddddd awesome tip! lols!

  10. Adorable pics! great Tips…it is a California Ground Squirrel

  11. Hi Rachel!  Thanks for your comment — it *is* a California ground squirrel!!!  Mystery solved!  :)  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California_ground_squirrel

  12. Yes, definitely squirrel!  But I guess you know that already now!  Lovely photos!

  13. I can take a gazillion pictures and not have them as pretty and full of life as yours :)

  14. Wow great pictures!!!! Thanks for showing, and you are absolutely right!!!! I often take many pictures, so there is always 1 right…

  15. I have a million squirrel pics, because they are so darn cute! I also have a wonderful collection of deer pics….we were camping in Yosemite and making the drive to Glacier Point to take sunset photos when my husband saw some deer across the road. He got out to snap some photos (this was pre-digital days). As he was stalking the deer I had one stick it’s head in my car window. Anyway long story just as long we wound up with a whole roll of deer pics and the sunset is just a fading memory.

  16. yes! ground squirrel! but squirrels are just rats with fancy coats. sorry to disappoint you.. they are in the rat family. i wish you have seen the tree squirrels here! they are so cute, too! we have a ton of pictures of them. but most of them are fuzzy… love your beautiful captures!!

  17. So cute Lisa….We have those all over here in the pines!! Wonderful Photo’s…..

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