Cloudy + rainy with a chance of cuteness.


“So, Shirley, how’s you’re summer been?”

“Not bad Harriet, and you?”


“Mine’s been mighty fine, lots of super yummy bugs. Found these new ones that taste just like donuts. Or maybe it’s more like cupcakes. Mmmmmm.”

“Hey what was that!!!!


“I know there’s something Harriet!”


“I don’t see a thing.”


“Ah well, must have been the wind.  Think it will stop raining soon?”

“Hope so.”

Hope you see something super cute outside your office window — even if it’s cloudy and rainy,

19 Replies to “Cloudy + rainy with a chance of cuteness.”

  1. Adorable adorable adorable!!!  And I just love how your mind works:)
    A great ‘life is in the little things’ gem!

  2. Cute Titmice!   You are cuter though!

  3. Awww – such C U T E N E S S!  We don’t have these little sweeties in the UK :o(

  4. Too cute! Smiling over here. :)

  5. Thanks for the sweet chuckles! Shirley and Harriet are adorable!

  6. Love it and I really needed a smile tonight! If you can share where you learned to speak “bird” I would like to take classes :)

  7. mary from maine says:

    I love it! So cute Lisa. I have seen so many things like that and wanted to write a story just like you did. do it again do it again :)

  8. Very cute.  I hope you have a show outside your office window often.   I hope the rain stops.   Love,   MOM

  9. What great pictures and so cute and creative of you as well!! :o)

  10. too cute! love the conversation! thanks, Lisa!

  11. Thats so cute!! you really know how to put a smile on a girls face…

  12. Lovely images and story! Thanks for making me smile :)

  13. SOOOOOOOOOO Cute!! You crack me up…hugs!!

  14. Such adorable birds and great dialogue!

  15. barbara lassiter says:

    Love this……it is just so dear! Thanks for sharing… your photography is so fantastic!!!!

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