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Cloudy + rainy with a chance of cuteness.


“So, Shirley, how’s you’re summer been?”

“Not bad Harriet, and you?”


“Mine’s been mighty fine, lots of super yummy bugs. Found these new ones that taste just like donuts. Or maybe it’s more like cupcakes. Mmmmmm.”

“Hey what was that!!!!


“I know there’s something Harriet!”


“I don’t see a thing.”


“Ah well, must have been the wind.  Think it will stop raining soon?”

“Hope so.”

Hope you see something super cute outside your office window — even if it’s cloudy and rainy,

19 thoughts on “Cloudy + rainy with a chance of cuteness.”

  1. I love it! So cute Lisa. I have seen so many things like that and wanted to write a story just like you did. do it again do it again :)

  2. Love this……it is just so dear! Thanks for sharing… your photography is so fantastic!!!!

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