Lucky fortunes!


Do you keep your lucky fortunes?  I do!  I’ve been doing it for awhile now.


Take this one — it’s from 2006, before I started working for Hero Arts.


Or these two from today — one is mine and one is J’s — he even put his fortune in the book!  He knew I’d had a looooong day and stopped to get dinner.  And he got me something with mangoes —  oh yeah!

Why the long day?  Because near the end of finishing the video, I stabbed myself with the heavy duty needle and got blood everywhere.  Ew.


So I had to do it all over again.

Which would have been bad, if it hadn’t been for J!

Yep, I’m pretty fortunate.

Want to see a quick video of  how to make this book — minus the blood, ha!  Head on over to the Hero Arts blog!

Wishing you a lucky day,

14 Replies to “Lucky fortunes!”

  1. absolutly love your book its FANTASTIC and thank you for such a wonderful video tutorial too. Hugs from the UK Jan

  2. So now I’m bummed I haven’t saved all my fortunes…I LOVE this idea!!  How fun that is.

  3. Oh my word. I need a tiny book like this. I’ve been collecting my fortunes since I was 11 years old and most are getting yellow/brown with age. I have them shoved into a jewelry box that I was giving as a child, but I would LOVE to display them in something like this. Just lovely. Also, the fortunes are getting decidedly less “fourtune-y” and much more pronouncement like, have you noticed?

  4. Boy, talk about your blood sacrifice! I’m glad you made this video, though, because it’s killer! (No pun intended.) Seriously, I loved learning this technique.

  5. What a beautiful book Lisa !!! Sorry about your needle incident! Ouch!

  6. LOVE this FUN Book Lisa….I am so behind this week with checking HA and Blogs!!  A Crazy time for me this month…but Fun!!  Don’t cha just Love Gesso???  I Lurve Claudine s stuff so Fun….Love the gesso Cake!! Ha! hope you have a great weekend and I’ll have to catch up next week….Hugs!

  7. Lisa, I love this little fortune cookie book.  I recently went to a fortune cookie making shop in SF and I saved all the fortunes from the cookies we bought.  I’m so glad to have an idea on what to do with the saved fortunes.  I also love that you used Japanese Masking Tape on the pages!

  8. I love this idea for the book and your japanese stab binding and cover papers are so pretty!

  9. Virginia L. says:

    SO inspiring! Love your video and colorful design with the Fortune cookie message! Sorry about the “bloody incident”! Things we do for the love of it, huh!?

  10. i had lunch with at a Chinese restaurant today and left with 3 cookies.  i have about a dozen fortunes i’ve saved over the years and it would be nice to consolidate them all into a cute notebook like this.
    i enjoyed this tutorial, Lisa — thank you.   it’s wonderful to hear your voice! :)

  11. i LOVED the video! thank you so much! i was looking for a tutorial on that a while ago thinking that i’ll make a mini book for a friend for X’mas last year. i couldn’t find one and gave up on the idea… now there is no excuse not to make it!! =) love that you save all your fortune, too! so fun! hope your finger heals soon!

  12. This is just gorgeous!! Trying to locate your tutorials on the blog… I want to create an album/book to gift to family but don’t know where to start!

  13. Gorgeous book Lisa and I loved seeing how you put it together – I’ll definitely have to give it a go! Hate when that happens with a needle!

  14. Lisa, I shared your video on my blog because I made my own book for movie ticket stubs : Hope that’s ok with you! This video rocks! SO easy to follow and what a fun project! Thanks!

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