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Lucky fortunes!


Do you keep your lucky fortunes?  I do!  I’ve been doing it for awhile now.


Take this one — it’s from 2006, before I started working for Hero Arts.


Or these two from today — one is mine and one is J’s — he even put his fortune in the book!  He knew I’d had a looooong day and stopped to get dinner.  And he got me something with mangoes —  oh yeah!

Why the long day?  Because near the end of finishing the video, I stabbed myself with the heavy duty needle and got blood everywhere.  Ew.


So I had to do it all over again.

Which would have been bad, if it hadn’t been for J!

Yep, I’m pretty fortunate.

Want to see a quick video of  how to make this book — minus the blood, ha!  Head on over to the Hero Arts blog!

Wishing you a lucky day,

14 thoughts on “Lucky fortunes!”

  1. Oh my word. I need a tiny book like this. I’ve been collecting my fortunes since I was 11 years old and most are getting yellow/brown with age. I have them shoved into a jewelry box that I was giving as a child, but I would LOVE to display them in something like this. Just lovely. Also, the fortunes are getting decidedly less “fourtune-y” and much more pronouncement like, have you noticed?

  2. Boy, talk about your blood sacrifice! I’m glad you made this video, though, because it’s killer! (No pun intended.) Seriously, I loved learning this technique.

  3. LOVE this FUN Book Lisa….I am so behind this week with checking HA and Blogs!!  A Crazy time for me this month…but Fun!!  Don’t cha just Love Gesso???  I Lurve Claudine s stuff so Fun….Love the gesso Cake!! Ha! hope you have a great weekend and I’ll have to catch up next week….Hugs!

  4. Lisa, I love this little fortune cookie book.  I recently went to a fortune cookie making shop in SF and I saved all the fortunes from the cookies we bought.  I’m so glad to have an idea on what to do with the saved fortunes.  I also love that you used Japanese Masking Tape on the pages!

  5. SO inspiring! Love your video and colorful design with the Fortune cookie message! Sorry about the “bloody incident”! Things we do for the love of it, huh!?

  6. i had lunch with at a Chinese restaurant today and left with 3 cookies.  i have about a dozen fortunes i’ve saved over the years and it would be nice to consolidate them all into a cute notebook like this.
    i enjoyed this tutorial, Lisa — thank you.   it’s wonderful to hear your voice! :)

  7. i LOVED the video! thank you so much! i was looking for a tutorial on that a while ago thinking that i’ll make a mini book for a friend for X’mas last year. i couldn’t find one and gave up on the idea… now there is no excuse not to make it!! =) love that you save all your fortune, too! so fun! hope your finger heals soon!

  8. This is just gorgeous!! Trying to locate your tutorials on the blog… I want to create an album/book to gift to family but don’t know where to start!

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