It’s a good thing I’m not a cat.

Hi there! How was your weekend? Mine was too fun (and too short). But I finally got to make these fun catnip filled toys for two friends who both just got kitties — and both like purple!


I cracked up the whole time I made ’em.

Until I found out that I’m allergic to catnip. Achoo!!!

If you’d like to try and make some yourself, I pretty much followed the pattern from Martha Stewart’s Encyclopedia of Sewing and Fabric Crafts. The only differences are that I added bells to to the fishing lines, and I made some spares in case the kitties get a little too eager for that catnip, hee hee.

AND!  Check out what I used to hold pins while I made ’em!  A guest check dish from my friend Mon!


I just love it!  It’s from Fishs Eddy — appropriate name, eh?

Achoo!!! Achoo!!

15 Replies to “It’s a good thing I’m not a cat.”

  1. Eeek, SO CUTE!!!! How lucky am I to be one of the purple-loving-new-cat-owners!!! Diego is going to love it.  :-) Thank you!!

  2. So cute!  Your are so clever!

  3. Super cute! Love these toys Lisa!

  4. Too cute!

  5. Those are so so so so cute! I’m sure the kitties will be pleased. =D

  6. These are such sweet projects, so in awe of your sewing talent, love these!

  7. Lisa, these are so cute. I hope you’re feeling better from the allergies!

  8. Oh FAB Lisa – what a great present for those new kits – they’ll love them – and so will their owners watching the fun!

  9. awww… these are soooooooo cute!! i want to make some for our cats!! the fishing pole idea is too fun! hope you recovery from the allergy soon!

  10. I love those fish!! What a great idea!!  Also love the Fishs Eddy link—they also have a Parking Ticket tray—might have to pick that one up, even though I’ve never had a parking ticket in my life.  I just like it for the kooky factor :)

    1. I didn’t see the parking ticket tray — that’s cool! I’ve never had a parking ticket either (knocks on wood…)!

  11. SOOOOOOOOOOO Cute SO CUTE!!!  Such a Fun color too…..

  12. uh, wow, how wonderful is this…really cute craft project, you creative girl…;)…hope everything is allright and wish you a wonderful and exciting week+weekend…so fine to jump here over to look to your “creative outlet”…cheers and hugs…i…

  13. Love it! I love Fishs Eddy too! They have the coolest stuff!

  14. I love the fish! I think I’ll have to make a bunch for my cats to play with — they’ll go crazy, I’m sure.

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