CHA: Fabric tape from Love My Tapes!

If you’re a regular blog reader then you know how much I love tape: washi tape (or Japanese masking tape) and digital tape too! Well, here’s another super fun find from the Craft and Hobby Association trade show in Chicago: fabric tape from Love My Tapes!


The mega talented Shemaine Smith gave me this roll, I just can’t wait to play with it!

AND! That’s not all! See the pretty fabric that the tape is sitting on? Love My Tapes also has adhesive fabric sheets that you can use like paper. That means you can punch it out, die cut it, and more.  There’s losta ideas over on the Love My Tapes blog. Can’t wait to try it out too!

Thanks so much Shemaine, it was great meeting you!

11 Replies to “CHA: Fabric tape from Love My Tapes!”

  1. oh my…i LOVE that fabric tape!  how fun…i must get some! :)

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  2. Ooh, so fun, love that yellow gingham color! I just recently purchased some adhesive fabric from Dear Lizzy – it’s so cute but haven’t decided what to make with it yet~

  3. OMG, I love the fabric tape… I have to get some!

  4. Ok, I think it’s about time I got myself some of these awesome tapes – they’re all so pretty!!  I love the yellow gingham, so pretty :)

  5. Oh, Lisa, I love BOTH of these – just my kind of patterns!  Running over to that site now – thanks!

  6. aww… this are yummy! can’t wait to see what you do with them!

  7. Beautiful tape. Great colour.

  8. Vera Rhuhay says: the fabric tape…yellow gingham….hmmm…must get for myself too :)

  9. seems nice, show us what you made with it :-)

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