Pumpkins + blackberries.


J and I were at the grocery store yesterday and there were pumpkins out front.

“Nooooooo, not pumpkins!”,  I yelled! (Poor J, I think I startled him.)

I mean, I love fall, really I do!  But I’m just not ready for it to be here yet.

And the blackberries?  They were up to $5 for a little tiny container — not even a pint!


So I thought I’d share some photos from when we went to Effigy Mounds National Monument in Iowa last month.


It seems like only yesterday when we braved the deep, dark woods and fought off hoards of hungry mosquitos.  (Or in my case, ran though the woods with a cloud of mosquitos chasing me — I kid you not!)

We feasted on blackberries as we went.  J did most of the picking, since a million mosquitos landed on me the minute I stood still.

(You’ll notice that I don’t have any photos from inside the woods — that’s because as soon as I’d stop to take a photo they’d be after me!  And I am one of those lucky people who can feel a mosquito as she bites me — it feels like just like a needle poking me. Or being stabbed with pins.  Eeek!)

And then we came out of the woods.

And were greeted by the grinning goldenrod.


The mighty fine prairie.


And the desmodium, dancing in the light.



We lingered as long as we could. (And ate more blackberries.)

Until we retraced our steps back through the woods.


There, I feel better now.  I still hope summer lingers a bit more though!

How about you, are you ready for fall yet?

10 Replies to “Pumpkins + blackberries.”

  1. Beautiful!  Enjoyed all of it except the mosquitos!

  2. Linda C. Baker says:

    I agree with you Lisa.  Fall is beautiful, but I dread winter coming.  I want summer to last a little longer!  Your pics are so wonderful.  They always bring me joy!

  3. Hey Lisa….
    We have a bountiful blackberry crop in my backyard.  Have picked them the last 2 Saturday mornings, in my flannel pjs & slippers.  Doesn’t get much more comfy than that :)
    I made blackberry-peach muffins this morning.  Would be happy to share them with you (but you have to come to Seattle to collect them).

    1. Hi Susan! I’m there!

  4. Yum the blackberries were good!

  5. Stunning photos, Lisa! So glad you are enjoy life’s little moment! No, I’m definitely not ready for fall yet, wish summer can stay a little longer! :) Hugs!

  6. so pretty! love your beautiful photos!!

  7. Yes, I’m ready for fall—it’s my favorite season—I’m ready for the cooler weather–it has been sooooooooooooo HOT in Ga this summer—I need some relief!

  8. These photos are gorgeous! And it’s no wonder the mosquitoes were attacking you! You had sweet blackberry juicy yumminess! LOL! I am SOOOO ready for fall! Time to take out the fall decor, the boots, the sweaters…sigh* Although it’s the shortest season of the year, it’s my fave!

  9. Love your tale and photographs!!

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