Three scrappy cards!

As I was cleaning my desk I came upon a pile of scraps. Hmmm, I said to myself. There’s gotta be a card here!

So, I challenged myself to make a card using only the scraps and whatever else was on my desk.

Turns out there were three cards!  There could have been more, but I really had to get to cleaning.

And then I challenged myself to photo the cards on my desk too — no easy task since there’s lotsa light coming in — which is great for being crafty, but not so great for photos since it makes super strong shadows.  Anyhow, here goes!

First up, this one.  Those little pieces of felt are from when I made J’s birthday surprise banner during the Hero Arts/Lawn Fawn blog swap week.  Hee hee. I really like how this card came out! Check out the inside, I used a little scrap for it too!

Next I made this card with bits of lace, more felt, and washi tape — gotta love washi tape.  When I use it I like to tear it and then stick the leftovers to my desk — which is where all these came from.

Then I just had to make one more:

Here’s a closeup so that you can see the felt and stitching better — although I do like how the light shines through the stitched holes!

I saved the rest of the scraps for later — I just couldn’t bear to throw them away! How about you, do you save your little scraps of paper, fabric, felt, this-n-that and make cards with them?

Can’t wait to mail these cards,

13 Replies to “Three scrappy cards!”

  1. Super cute! The one with all the felt reminds me of sea glass or stained glass or broken pottery or something. :)

  2. Lisa! how do you make everything look so good. my fave has got to be the third one down. something about torn edges, the doilies and the pink scrappy felt and the pink dot in the flower center.. so crafty, so pretty.

  3. barbara lassiter says:

    Love all these, but especially the little birds. Now I feel challenged to use the “not so little” pile of scraps from the Christmas cards I’ve been making. Who knows…I hope I have enough imagination ’cause I bet there are some cards in that pile. Thanks!!!

  4. Funny that today I also made a scrappy card with paper left from another project. Surely it doesn’t look as fabulous as any of your creative scrappy cards :)

  5. Wow, these are all wonderful, Lisa and it’s amazing to think they are all made out of scraps – brilliant! Cool photos too – I love the way the light glows through the third one. I have to admit I save every little scrap of fabric and card and also recycle bits and pieces off other non cardy things. Thanks for all the scrappy inspiration today!

  6. just love how you used those bits of felt. so fun and inspiring. i wish i could do magic with scraps like you! =) i do save a lot of my scraps, but i rarely get to them. i do clean them up every once in a while. i should really try and use them more! adore your cards today! =)

  7. Lisa,
    Loved what you did! I usually dump all my scraps into a shop bag and sadly they sit there, waiting to be turned into something lovely like your cards.

  8. Super duper lovely cards, Lisa!! Love how your used up those felt, totally fun!! Love that you always come up with fun and wonderful idea for cards and everything else!

  9. cool…I always keep a lot of scrap and it’s really hard for me to throe the away :-)

  10. I just found your site, and love it! And yes, I have scraps in boxes, in bins, on my worktable, in drawers. I force myself to use something out of the scrapbox on most cards that go out. I think I will try the way you did it, making cards ONLY from scraps on the table. what a great idea.

    Your cards turned out so very cute! Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs, Pat

  11. Love your “scrappy” cards and the fun way you photographed them — so creative!

    I’m definitely a “saver” and often happily inspired by those little scraps left on my work table … :)

  12. Oh, my goodness! Amazing cards…from scraps!? I do save every bit of felt and paper but I don’t have your creative mind! So inspiring, Lisa!

  13. I don’t know how I missed this post! So much awesomeness here! I especially like your felt scrap card :) Also, I wanted to say thank you for linking to Pugly Pixel! I’m in love with all her premium content!

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