Off to a Hero Arts photo shoot!

I’m off to a photo shoot tomorrow for the 2011 Hero Arts catalog. So I thought I’d share a few yummy shots from last year’s shoot and tell you a little about it! Warning: this is not a good post to read if you are hungry, ha ha!

Michael LaMotte Studios in San Francisco has been photographing Hero Arts catalogs for over 25 years. Michael is primarily a food photographer  — if you’ve ever eaten a bag of Lays potato chips or Häagen-Dazs ice cream you’ve seen one of his photos! Jackie, the founder of Hero Arts, has known him for years and so he makes an exception to his food photography for her.

It’s just amazing watching him work. The whole studio is completely dark except for the table where he’s shooting. And I mean completely dark. It’s kinda disconcerting being in the dark all day — you really lose track of time.

I just love being there. Michael nudges a little here, a little there and then presto a catalog photo is born! Check out the top left photo — do you remember it from the catalog? It’s one of my faves that he did last year of some cards I made — check out a bigger photo and full materials/instructions here. All the other photos shown are mine, taken with my trusty G10.

See those donuts on the counter? They’re lit by some of the only light in the studio at the kitchen area. Yum!

Can’t wait to get to the photo shoot. And I’ll get to go to Hero Arts and see Aaron, Todd, Tim, Lay, May, Lois, Alicia, Lorena, Kughee and the rest of the gang. Really can’t wait!

And! I’ll even get to hang out with my friend Mon over the weekend — yay! We had a blast last time we got together. Wish we lived closer! But then maybe not, because we spent most of the day eating and shopping at cool places like The Curiosity Shoppe, Japantown, and a cute fabric shop too! :)

I’ll try to do a few posts while I’m gone and take you guys along with me. But I’m not making promises, because it’s usually a whirlwind of activity. :)

California here I come!

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  1. Have fun on your trip! And don’t work yourself to exhaustion!

  2. hmmmm…right…now i´m so hungry…;)…lovley pics…wish you luck tomorrow…have a lovley creative week…and always so fine to jump here over in these busy times…cheers and hugs…i…

  3. Great photos!! Have fun Lisa and eat a donut for me! :)

  4. Mmm yummy yummy! Thank GOD I have a donut in the fridge! Or else I’d be mad at you for just making me drool over the computer! :P

  5. Love seeing last years photo’s! Hope you have a great time doing this years!

  6. barbara lassiter says:

    Wishing you a safe and fun journey with some more yummy stuff!!!

  7. Sharon D. from Canada says:

    I’m totally drooling! Mmmmm, donuts!
    Hope you have an awesome time on the photo shoot! I can’t wait to see the new HA catty!
    PS I like your new glasses – really cute!

  8. Oh you lucky girl! Thanks for explaining a bit about how the catalog is born! Can’t wait to see this year’s results! Have a fun time, and please do share with us when you can!

  9. Oh, Lisa. . . .you lucky lady! It’s so fun to hear where they shoot the photos for the catalogs! Must be really cool to witness! PLEASE try really hard to take some pics while you’re there! Would love to feel like we “came along with you!” Have a great time! :)

  10. Have a wonderful time…getting together with good friends is always fun no matter what the occasion, but shooting a Hero Arts catalog has got to be the best! I’m hoping our weather starts behaving better for you, it’s been a bit unruly lately!
    bless you!

  11. Hope you have a good time. I’m glad you will have a couple days to visit with Mon. I’m hoping to see you in December. Love, MOM

  12. it must feel exhilarating to see a pro at work!

  13. too late, i am drooling all over… =) love those yummy photos. hope you have an awesome time!! =)

  14. Hope you’re having fun :)

  15. Aw… yummy photos, Lisa! Have a fabulous time, enjoy!!

  16. Have tons of fun creating the new catalog! Love the overlays(?) on your blog!

  17. How fun! It’s great to hear some of the processes that take place in creating new catalogs, hope you enjoyed Northern Calif! Looking forward to seeing it when it comes out!

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