Happy Halloween!

Are you scared yet?  Hee hee!

I’m pretending like these are our decorations — I looked and looked for these cute mini pumpkins but couldn’t find them anywhere, darn. We do have a pumpkin out on the front porch, plus candles, spooky music, and candy at the ready for the trick-or-treaters tho! Can’t wait.

Hope you’re having a great weekend! We started our weekend yesterday with the Austin satellite rally of the Stewart/Colbert Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear. Which was actually the least scary rally I’ve ever been to!

I loved checking out all the signs, especially one that said “I will eat my peppers hatch, I will eat them by the batch”. Oh and “Fear the Steer” — meaning the Texas Longhorns. But my favorite had to be “I Like Pie”, ha ha!

After the rally we had to head on over to Sugar Mama’s Bakehouse. Oh yeah!

The spooky celebrations continued this morning with a special Halloween breakfast. I couldn’t wait to make these tangerine jack o’ lanterns — saw them in a book when I was out and about in San Francisco with Mon — finally got my photos downloaded from the trip, so more on that soon! Yay!

Did you do anything spooky yet this weekend? Have any fun plans? I’d love to hear!

And one last scary photo — J and I as ghosts! ha ha!

Now you’re really scared, right? :)

Happy Halloween,

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  1. Love this post, Lisa! Wonderful photos. You’re making me very hungry. Happy, spooky, treat-filled Halloween to you! :)

  2. Mmm…yummy photos of the food and cupcakes, is that an oreo shaped star on the cupcake..lol. Love the tiny little white sprinkles too.

  3. Linda C. Baker says:

    Passing out candy now! Happy Halloween to you! That rally actually looks fun and the signs are a hoot! You and J look like such a cute couple. Your breakfast is making me hungry. love the orange pumpkins!

  4. I must carve those tangerines for my boys STAT! Your pictures are boo-tiful :) Happy Halloween!

  5. Ooh, breakfast looks great – yummy! Enjoyed your post today!

  6. Lisa that little tree full of pumpkins is ADORABLE!! I’d like to try that sometime too, but in Australia that might be a bit difficult!

    I”m glad you enjoyed your rally–that sign is the best, you should have had one that said “I like cupcakes and clouds” lol. THat’s such a cute pic of you and J.—by the way, we’re all waiting on a photo of your spunky new haircut you got a few weeks ago!

    Hope you enjoyed your delicious looking breakfast :)

  7. Sounds like you had a busy weekend. Enjoyed the pictures and breakfast looks great. Love the tangerine jack o lanterns. We had a sick Colin all weekend and now Jamie and Eric have colds. I praying the baby don’t get sick. Love, MOM

  8. hehe. that tangerine jack o lantern is too fun! sounds like you had a super fun weekend! thanks for sharing!

  9. Aw… gorgeous photos, Lisa! Your house looks fabulous, and you look so cute in your new eye glasses! Thank you for sharing! Love the tangerine jack of lantern too… too clever, I have to do that for my kids next year! :)

  10. Love all your Halloween and rally photo’s Lisa! The jack o lantern tangerines are so fun- gotta remember that for next year and those whole wheat pancakes looks yummy too!

  11. Those cupcakes look Yummo! Fun pictures of the rally too…I wish we had a satellite rally in our area but no luck. I watched the D.C. rally from start to finish on CSPAN & Comedy Network…it was awesome! Wish I was there in person to feel the fun & positive vibes!!
    Thanks for all your inspiration! Take care!

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