18 Replies to “Oh hello there little Hero Arts 2011 Catalog sneak peek card!”

  1. He is adorable! Lisa, are those acorns on the 2nd picture? They look pointy, so different from the ones I’m used to……

    1. Hi Lin! Yep, those are acorns from Live Oaks. They are much smaller than the ones I know in Ohio :)

  2. Awww…Lisa…how adorable !!!! ♥ it!!!
    Okay…I must have it :)

  3. I adore this oh so very much!

  4. Sweet card, Lisa! J’s gonna love it! :)

  5. It’s so cute !!!

  6. Sharon D from Canada says:

    I ADORE that fox!!!

  7. i. love. this.
    omigosh, SO much. :)

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  9. Love this adorable fox in its orangeish/caramel color! I just ordered the fox that is lying down on its side, can’t wait to ink it up! I did not see this particular fox? Or is it being released later?

  10. Aww this is absolutely adorable, Lisa! The fox is so cute and I love your design!

  11. Love that fox! So glad that Hero came out with him, too! Where IS the standing fox? My LSS only carried the sleeping one…Is he an Archiver’s fox?

    1. Hi Donna! Both foxes are available everywhere — it might be that they both weren’t part of the debut, though. Your LSS should be able to order one for ya tho! Hugs! :)

      1. Thanks, Lisa! I had a feeling the “kitsune” were your influence!

  12. Hi Lisa,

    I love this little fox and your card is adorable! I just wanted to know what Copics you used to color the fox. Thanks. Sorry if this was already specified somewhere. I just couldn’t find it anywhere.

    1. Sorry to be getting back to you so late — I had to break out the fox stamp and make another card to figure out what copics I used, hee hee.

      Anyhow, here they are!
      Y38 Honey, E19 Redwood, YR16 Apricot

      Since the redwood is so dark, I took the tip of the apricot marker and brushed it on the redwood, then colored it on the areas I wanted to be darkest on the fox. Hope that makes sense!

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