The big 4-0: parts 2 and 3!

Now on to parts 2 and 3 of my tale of the Big 4-0! (Part 1 is here in case you missed it.)

As you can imagine, J and I were really hungry after a day full of hiking Enchanted Rock — which leads us to part 2 of my tale: dinner at Pasta Bella, a super yummy Italian grill in downtown Fredericksburg!

We walked there from our cute little cabin — more on that in part 4! For now, check out the mega sized German Christmas pyramid that is in the town square!

Someday I’d like to have a smaller version to put up in our home.

Now, on to dinner — yummy bowtie pasta with veggies!


That hit the spot.

Next, J drove me out to Johnson City (about 30 minutes away) to see the Christmas lights. Our first stop was the Pedernales Electric Co-op headquarters — so pretty! It’s like an enchanted forest!

Then we walked over to the town square, and J had the brilliant idea of actually moving the camera to get special effects with the lights — instead of trying to hold it steady or balance it on something. So cool!

First I tried a snowman.

Then I spied two little deer…

We laughed and laughed — so fun! (I bet people thought we were nuts, tho!)

Then we went over to the courthouse — J said it was a horse and buggy traffic jam. Sure was pretty listening to the clippity-clop of the horses’ shoes and the jingling bells.

Then it was back to the cabin — more on that in part 4!

Until then,

11 Replies to “The big 4-0: parts 2 and 3!”

  1. Oh my goodness Lisa! What a beautiful beautiful birthday! I love how your husband treats you.. so special:)

    Happy belated 40th!

    I must celebrate my 50th like this! Totally in style!!!

  2. Wow! What a guy! You are one lucky lady, Lisa! Fabulous pictures! Love all those festive lights and dinner looks so yummy! Can’t wait to see the cabin! :)

  3. fabulous. Love the funny photos…. makes the memory even more special.

  4. Your pictures turned out amazing!!!! I love the one of the courthouse! I’m so glad you had a ton of fun and kudos to your manly man for planning such a nice evening!

  5. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Oh my – gorgeous lights! I totally love the trees – they’re spectacular!!!!

  6. Lisa! That town looks so cute and quaint! I love your photos of all the lights! Can’t wait to see part 4 and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and huge hugs! xo!

  7. awesomeness! love the “moving” shots–so fun!

  8. Great images Lisa. BRAVO, and thanks for sharing! New card designs on my blog. Miss you friend. Happy Holidays!

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  10. Amazing captures of all the fun lights at night! Love that bowtie pasta dish, so yum!!!

  11. Gorgeous photos, Lisa – the lights look fantastic! I’m getting hungry looking at the yummy pasta and peanut cupcake!

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