The big 4-0: parts 2 and 3!

Now on to parts 2 and 3 of my tale of the Big 4-0! (Part 1 is here in case you missed it.)

As you can imagine, J and I were really hungry after a day full of hiking Enchanted Rock — which leads us to part 2 of my tale: dinner at Pasta Bella, a super yummy Italian grill in downtown Fredericksburg!

We walked there from our cute little cabin — more on that in part 4! For now, check out the mega sized German Christmas pyramid that is in the town square!

Someday I’d like to have a smaller version to put up in our home.

Now, on to dinner — yummy bowtie pasta with veggies!


That hit the spot.

Next, J drove me out to Johnson City (about 30 minutes away) to see the Christmas lights. Our first stop was the Pedernales Electric Co-op headquarters — so pretty! It’s like an enchanted forest!

Then we walked over to the town square, and J had the brilliant idea of actually moving the camera to get special effects with the lights — instead of trying to hold it steady or balance it on something. So cool!

First I tried a snowman.

Then I spied two little deer…

We laughed and laughed — so fun! (I bet people thought we were nuts, tho!)

Then we went over to the courthouse — J said it was a horse and buggy traffic jam. Sure was pretty listening to the clippity-clop of the horses’ shoes and the jingling bells.

Then it was back to the cabin — more on that in part 4!

Until then,

11 thoughts on “The big 4-0: parts 2 and 3!”

  1. Oh my goodness Lisa! What a beautiful beautiful birthday! I love how your husband treats you.. so special:)

    Happy belated 40th!

    I must celebrate my 50th like this! Totally in style!!!

  2. Lisa! That town looks so cute and quaint! I love your photos of all the lights! Can’t wait to see part 4 and a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY and huge hugs! xo!

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