Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!

I can’t believe how fast this year is zooming by, can you? Feels like I just took photos of my winter window display. And now it’s almost Valentine’s Day. So I thought I better post some photos of my Valentine’s window display before it’s over. Although I think I’m going to have to leave this up a little longer. Love waking up to this little scene.

Do you have any Valentine’s Day weekend plans? I’m going to make J a romantic dinner.

I hope we get to go for a walk in the woods at a little park near the house.

Maybe we’ll see a fox! (I’ve seen one there before.)

Maybe there will even be snow! (It’s sure been cold enough for it.)

Maybe I’ll find something else to put in my jar. (This one seems the most likely.)

But no matter what, we’re sure to have fun! (Starting with coffee for me and tea for J.)

I love making little displays like this from things I already have. Do you do this?


  • The hearts in the jar are from my friend Mon, I think she got them from IKEA a few years back.
  • Also in the jar are acorns, pinecones, pecans, and sweet gum pods from my walks around the neighborhood and here and there.
  • The framed fox is a card that I found at Red Cap Cards last summer — I couldn’t wait for winter to get here so I could frame it! The little scene makes me feel so happy and peaceful. Having it on the window like this makes it like a scene in a scene. I was going to try and make little footprints on the window ledge out of paper, still might have to give it a try. :)
  • Jon Klassen is the artist who made the card. Love his work.
  • And, the porcelain fox is an ebay find. It says “made in Japan” on the bottom, that’s all I know about it!
  • Holly over at decor8 has a great post with 20 Inspiring Corners of Home — little displays like this that you can make from things around the house! Love the paper garland in #4, the cameras in #8, the felt flowers on the lampshade in #10, and the cupcakes in #17. YUM!

Happy weekend,

8 Replies to “Happy Valentine’s Day Weekend!”

  1. You are so inspiring Lisa! Looking at your lovely window display put a small on my face…I love the cute lil’ fox too!

  2. Love your Valentine’s display, Lisa! And yes, I often do the same. But being in FL in a rented house, all my treasures are at home :( That card of the trees and the fox is just adorable!! I used to frame calender pictures…….

    Hope your Valentine’s day is wonderful! Sending hugs to you!

  3. I love coming to your blog. It always makes me feel at peace. You just do that to me. It’s not only your beautiful photos, it’s the way you write and the joy you get from all the simple, little things around you. Thank you for always reminding me to do that, Lisa! Big hugs and Happy Valentine’s Day!

  4. Very cute Lisa. Love the fox. Can’t believe it has been two months since we visited and you had your winter display on the window. What is next, St Patty day? MOM

  5. barbara lassiter says:

    I love to have little displays on the window sill in the kitchen. Right now, it’s a collection of cookie cutters, but one of them is a heart with a red handle….my grandson loves these cookie cutters and I usually leave a few out. We sometimes cut our sandwiches with them when he’s here for lunch!!!! We make cookies with them too!

  6. LOVING that sweet gingham heart in the jar, too cute! Enjoy Valentine’s weekend!

  7. such a cute display! love the little fox! hope your weekend is sweet and wonderful!

  8. Sharon D from Canada says:

    Such a sweet little collection! I especially love the card you framed – SO cute!

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